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The Connection To Self And Others

The Connection To Self And Others

Welcome back to A Magical Life. In this blog, we learn all about the connection to self and others from Genaaleen Sanchez.

Genaaleen is a results mindset and well being Coach, an agent of change both in business and in life. Genaaleen’s life changed when she found herself to be a single mum in her mid 20s, with a one year old daughter and a lot of lifetime unknowns ahead of her.

Here’s what Genaaleen had to say:

“ It actually was quite scary because I have the daughter or the baby that I always wanted. But then, I was faced with, well, now I’m a single parent, what am I going to do next?”

She embraced all that uncertainty and turned challenges into opportunities. All of this put her on a mission of discovery and self empowerment, a positive way to look at it. A lot of people would be in that situation and just feel like the earth had been sucked out from under them.

What made Genaaleen look at it as a mission of discovery and self empowerment?

“Well, I guess since I was a young girl, I always found challenges to be opportunities,  that’s how I always have seen it and so when this came up in my life, I thought, well, I think that there’s growth to be had here, and therefore that’s how I approached that challenge. You know, it’s turned out pretty great.”

Genaaleen has helped large organizations deliver on their change and transformation agenda but  how has she gone about that?

“Well, I’m a big people person. So I always make sure that people understood the value of the change that was coming. I made sure that everybody who was involved in the process was engaged, like stakeholders and that kind of thing. I enjoy working with people and I think my brain, the way it works is, it links, so it connects, it connects people, it connects processes, it connects things. So it’s quite a, I guess, a natural thing for me to then step into our organization and look at how they’re performing currently, and how they want to perform or how they want to work in the future.”

Genaaleen’s daughter is following her dreams in music and creative art, how have those skills transferred to parenthood?

“Oh, and well, having a very creative daughter kind of pushes you to grow. I would say that there would have been a time in my life where sometimes I felt like she was older than me. Because in her growth, she’s not bound by the same boundaries that we had in our generation. So there’s a lot of a lot more freedom for my daughter.

I made sure that I was consciously giving her the space to express herself, to explore what she likes. But that’s not without its challenges, of course, because children also establish their own boundaries. So that was, again, I saw that as a growth opportunity for me as a person- to let go and trust that what I have taught her, was enough for that stage of life.

It’s funny because I see everything is an opportunity for growth really. One of my friends posted something on Facebook and it was like a bit of a plant growing on a bit of a log and asked for a caption and basically I said, well, it’s “I can grow anywhere.” And that’s basically how I feel about life.”

Tip: It’s how we look at it. It’s not the things that are actually happening. It’s our response to it. And our reaction.

Genaaleen made it her mission to empower people to lead from their hearts reconnect to their humanity, love their lives and live their dream.

“So, I have been on a, probably now, a 10 year focused journey of self empowerment and I feel that it’s important for people to know who they are and what they really want in their lives, and the more people in the world who are lit up, who have healed, you know, their childhood woundings and that kind of thing, then the better world we will have, because then we’re not projecting some of that pain out there.

So, you know, my mission is really to be able to empower people, to be their own leaders, and to connect to the fact that there’s a heart in there. At the end of the day, we’re all humans, and we need to be compassionate, and come from a place of love. So, I found that to be an important thing.”

At Wholistic Natural Health, we teach people about environmental connection and that we are only one part of the ecosystem as humans. But often find that we don’t even understand ourselves as the human species. There’s so many people that are disconnected from their cells that they can’t connect to the space and the environment around them, because they’re just walking around lost. Does Genaaleen see that?

Yes, I definitely see that. You know, lately there’s been a lot of anger that’s being expressed out there and projected onto other others. When really, if you think about it, the anger is within and it’s just something that is unhealed and something that the person hasn’t looked at yet in their lives. I think generally, and it’s like the old adage, when you point a finger at someone there’s three fingers pointing back at you. So before you point the finger, just have a look and think about why am I being triggered by certain situations?

We all have triggers. And, you know, they don’t always need to be negative triggers. They can be positive triggers, like, you know, if you walk into a house that’s for sale and someone’s just baked cookies, it’s a positive trigger. You’re going to want that house more than if there’s smelly socks in the hallway or something. We all have triggers and we need to learn to recognize those. Instead of reacting, we could be responding and the only way we can respond is to be aware of what triggers us.

Helping impact driven individuals in Genaaleen’s words

“ A lot of the people that I work with have big dreams in their lives and sometimes when you are reflecting on your own life, there are things that you don’t see. So as a coach, I help them identify some of the repetitive patterns that are occurring in their lives, so that they can make a change.

Either change a belief that doesn’t work for them, or heal trapped emotions, that are sitting in their body, that you don’t even realize that trapped energy actually can stop you from attracting into your life the people, the things, the events that can help you deliver on whatever your mission is. That then has a flow on effect, not only with your relationship with yourself but with your family, your community, how you react and act in your business or workplace and it really makes us inauthentic to ourselves.

That’s why I think my top value is really authenticity and I would love to see everyone in the world, being authentic to themselves, and presenting their authentic self to others. As we grow up we create defenses to try and protect ourselves and sometimes what’s being displayed out there, it’s not the true person.

Even if you meet somebody who looks aggressive or not pleasant, underneath that is just somebody who wants connection, somebody who wants love and if I can help that person, get connected to that, and then transform the way they behave, so that they can have a better experience of life, then why not? It’s worth it.

Not only that, but when we put judgments and criticisms on to people, we’re really doing them and ourselves a disservice. It’s not only being inauthentic, but it’s just being blind to possibility. Because actually what you’re doing there, is you’re cutting off the possibility of creating a relationship with somebody. You’re cutting off connection.

As humans, we’re not designed to really live on our own, or by ourselves. We’re really designed to be living in relationship to others, with others, in social groups and communities, in families and how families changed over time, you know, like we’re not raised with grandparents and great grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins anymore. We’re so cut off from our own familial communities. You’d be amazed at the number of people who feel alone out there who might be surrounded by people and yet still feel alone because the true authentic person is not being seen.”

What can your expertise do to accelerate health being emotional, spiritual or physical?

“Okay, well, as a transformational coach, you know, I work with people to connect them with their ultimate potential and achieve any result that they want in their lives. I guess one of the first steps of that process is really to connect them to themselves, because that’s where it all starts. If you know who you are, you know what you want. You know what you need, then that’s the beginnings of a person who is able to establish relationships and connections to others.”

So what do you say to the woman or man, but usually the woman who says, ‘”I do everything for everyone else, I come last.’ I would say to that man or that woman, that they need to first fill their own cup before they give to others because they will have more energy, more love, more nurturing to give to others, if they have first nurtured themselves because everything starts with you.”

What are your top three tips to create wealth. Now wealth is often personal, financial or emotional.

“For me, as a woman, the first thing is, and I guess this applies to men as well. Is really get to know yourself and who you are. By that, I mean, you know, develop yourself, empower yourself. Again, it goes back to finding out who you authentically are, you know, what you like, what you don’t like, your values, your beliefs, your standards apply, you know, another term for that is probably Manifesto.

You question whether each of these things are working for you or not, and if they’re not working for you, then find a way to grow and find a way to find a different way of looking at things. That’s where your circle of friends and your support groups are important. Because really, you kind of influence each other. So, if your experience of life is not as you want, then you need to look at all of these like a 360 degree look in your life and boundaries are important as well.

So how do you create boundaries that support your life? Well, firstly, you need to know who you are, what’s important to you, what your values are. And then you need to, I guess, train others in how to be treated, how to treat you. So if you respect yourself for example, and respecting yourself looks like taking time out, then you’re giving a clear message out there to other people that, “Oh, well, this is Genaaleen’s time and therefore, I will step back or step aside and let her – let her have that time,” without them making that about themselves. So having clear boundaries is letting other people know where your limits are, where they’re overstepping the mark with you.”

What would your second tip to creating wealth be?

“Education I think is really important. As a woman, as finding myself a single parent, learning how to be financially independent, is something that I would strongly recommend all young women aspire to. The way to do that is to really get yourself an education, whether that’s an education in life or at the university, but educate yourself so that you have a means of earning money, or earning a living that can support your lifestyle, because you don’t really know what will happen in the future.

I guess there was a whole generation before us definitely, who thought that if you get married to somebody, then it’s fine. You’re fine, because they’ll take care of you. Well, I think in some respects, marriage was deemed a profession. Wife and mother was the job title but you can still be a wife and a mother and still be able to step up in case you need to do something for the family.”

And what would be your third tip to creating wealth?

“My third tip is really to invest in yourself care. I think I mentioned it before; your me time is actually quite important because that’s when you can reflect on where you’re at in your life and where you want to be. You know, that’s where you invest in your own mental well being as well. You know if that’s time to meditate, if that’s time to do a hobby, if it’s something as simple as going for a massage or a walk. Even traveling is something that can grow you.

Do something that gives you pure joy, because you are the one person in your whole life who will always be there and therefore, doing activities that are loving to you is important to create that wealth in your life. The person at the end of the day that you need to be okay with is you.”

We do talk about weight loss at ‘A Magical Life’ because it does haunt so many of us.

“Society has made it a theme. You can’t just be happy in your body. You have got to be a certain way or look a certain way. I have battled with my weight. In my early 20s, I had thyroid cancer and from that moment or around about the diagnosis of that, one of the things that was apparent was that I was gaining weight.

I was eating the same things, but I was gaining weight and so then, I became a mother. When you’re a mother, you focus on taking care of everyone else and especially with a baby, I didn’t even notice really the weight creeping up on me. There was a time when I looked at myself and thought I’m not the same girl. This was when I was 20, before the thyroid cancer. I guess I spent a lot of time kind of secretly hating on my body, or the way I looked and so I just totally stopped paying attention to it.

Over the years, maybe back 10 years ago , when I had some win around it, and I lost weight, there was still that voice that said, “Oh, it’s not good enough.” So then what would happen naturally, is you might gain some of that again.

Last year, I went to Hawaii and I decided to wear a bikini and that was November of 2019. I realized something while I was there in Waikiki Beach. That my body is actually quite strong and I got like, the sense of so much gratitude for having that strong body.

I mean, this body got me through childhood operations, cancer, and childbirth and lots of other challenges in life. So I made a pact with myself and decided that I’m going to fully love and accept my body, whatever size I am at any given moment. So, from that moment on, I began to feel, I guess, happier with myself. And as a result, dissolve the self judgment that I had about my body.

Then as we got closer to the end of 2019, I was sick of feeling like not quite right physically as well. So, I set an intention to make this the year that I aligned the way I feel inside with the way I looked outside, because there was also an incongruence there that I kind of picked up while I was away.

Plus, with all the work that I do on myself and shifting energy and that kind of thing. This was one of the, I guess, advantages of getting free from all of that, from all of that energy that I was holding down. So what really allowed me to, or what triggered me to change my thinking around the weight is really the dissolution of the self judgment and the loving and accepting my body fully as it is.

So since January this year, up until now, I probably have lost a total of 10 to 11 kilos and really what I did, was I kind of put myself in a healthy eating program. Then after that 30 days was done, I just did a like an 80/20 rule with my eating, and I’m just more mindful of the food that I put in my body and consciously choose what I eat.

So that means I still eat chocolate, and I still eat cake from time to time. Because that was another important thing about it, is not to feel limited, because I’ve been on all diets before. You can establish your values in life and with the vision that you have in your life, if there’s like a great link there between the two, then actually managing your weight or losing weight is actually just an action that that is part of all of that, you know, there’s a bigger thing that you want to achieve.”

“Weight gain is not the actual problem, it could be a disconnection with values or beliefs or systems or, or just a disconnection from self and the weight gain or lose from that. It’s not the actual cause of the issues. There’s even a school of thought or a theory, that it’s also linked to maybe some of your childhood woundings, you know, in terms of the way you eat, or the way you hold down energy.

There’s different character structures, that that would hold down energy in different parts of the body. People who have been suppressed, for example, from expressing themselves as children might hold the energy down where the solar plexus is because they’re always holding down their feelings, and therefore you might find that even though you’ve been dieting, you’ve still got weight around this section of the body. And so there’s healing that needs to happen there. Which is more an energetic thing.”

The Solar Plexus is an area where your liver and spleen are situated. The liver especially being your major detox center of your body, it holds all the energy of fear, anger, resentment, quite strong. And often negative emotions and the energy that then distributes to the rest of the body puts all the meridians out of balance. So the flow of energy through your body can be blocked by those trapped emotions in there.

To find Genaaleen, head to Facebook and on Instagram under Genaaleen S. Email is

Genaaleen has a great freebie for you. “ A free vision and values discovery session. So just allowing you to get clear on what your vision is in life and what your values are, and perhaps getting a link between the two.”

That’s the end of today’s podcast. We hope you enjoyed The Connection To Self And Others.

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