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Health & Wealth Out Of Disaster

Health & Wealth Out Of Disaster

We are joined today by Cammy Wang who’ll be talking about Building Health & Wealth Out Of Disaster.

Cammy is a lifelong educator with a highly diverse academic and career background. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. She has her master’s in education and a Juris doctorate.

Cammy’s broad career interests have given her the opportunity to work in many fields including education, law, financial services, business, government, entertainment and hospitality.

Her roles as a teacher and educational career counsellor have been deeply rewarding for her in guiding people to find their pathways to success. As a financial strategist and marketing director with the World Financial Group for the past five years, Cammy is continuously serving families and small businesses to help them build a solid financial foundation.

Since 2016, she has created and delivered a series of financial literacy and college admission seminars to schools, libraries, churches, community centers, and non for profit agencies.

Welcome Cammy, you have a very diverse background. So, first of all, what can you tell us about accelerating emotional, spiritual and physical health?

“I think that’s such an interesting and challenging question. Because when I look at health, whether it’s financial, emotional, physical or spiritual, there’s a lot that comes into play with making sure all of them are in balance.

So, you know, thinking about accelerating health in all these areas is thinking about how to be able to really come down to how we look at ourselves, how we perceive ourselves and how we want to live the rest of our life.

I think Health is the number one factor that people should consider. Because without health, you kind of have a life in which you feel as though you don’t have, let’s say, the ability to get to your goals and be able to live the thriving and fulfilling life that you want when you say so. I do have a very extensive background in different careers, and industries. And you know, even currently working in the financial services industry, that wasn’t luck. That was just because it was just a combination of being in different places and different times and noticing that every career or industry I’ve been in, there was always something that led to maybe being really stressed out or being really ill. And so when you ask the question about health and accelerating it, well, I spent my whole life trying to pursue even having decent health.”

That’s actually a really good point for the listeners. You know, often we put people on pedestals, we say, well, this business person, woman or man, you know, they’ve just got it all together, like they couldn’t have had any adversity. Cammy, when you started off as a lawyer, you actually found that physically and emotionally draining for your health. Can you just tell people a little bit about the adversity you faced then?

“Oh, absolutely. And actually, that started my path towards many, many years, towards trying to find better health. You know, when I went through all that schooling, I went to UCLA for my bachelor’s. I went to law school right after my bachelor’s. And I always thought I would be living a life of a lawyer in court. I accepted the fact that it would be a very stressful life, but I didn’t realize how stressful it was to be, until I was already in law school.

When I was in law school around my second year, I already developed some symptoms of illness. And it carried me through all the way until I took the bar exam and started practicing. And when I started practicing, my physical condition just deteriorated. It was the physical, mental and emotional toil of being in law practice that really took a toll on my entire health so much that, even though I was a lawyer practicing, I had to take a leave of absence from practicing the law, because I was completely deteriorated and not able to perform any of my duties.

I got so physically ill that I literally had to resign from my law firm. And I told them, I don’t know when I’ll ever come back. So you might as well find someone else now because there’s no knowing how long will take for me to heal. But at the same time, that was one of the best decisions I had to make.

I mean, at that time, it was mandatory that I did that for myself and it was very difficult. Because here I am, I spent all my time in law school, hundreds and thousands of dollars of student loan debt. And I thought my career was on its way and now all of a sudden, it takes a turn, a very unexpected turn, and it was emotionally and mentally, probably more devastating than even physically.

And for a couple years as I was trying to find any type of, let’s say, treatment, or even a diagnosis, I kept wondering if all of it was worth it. And yet, all I could do is keep searching the right treatment, the right doctors, the right healing. And wouldn’t you know it, I finally did find the right doctor.

But it was around the same time that a friend of mine said, you know, while you’re trying to figure out what to do with your career, why don’t you do something else? Like, hmm, how about teaching? And I thought ‘that’s an interesting concept’, because I’ve always tutored and peer advised students in school, but I never really thought of it as a possible profession.

But I entertained the idea. I thought, well, it can’t be as stressful as the practice of law. So I actually turned to teaching my first class in an after-school program in ESL. That was the changing point in my life. Because that was over 30 years ago, I went from being a lawyer, to an educator.”

“Like a lot of women, especially, you know, later in life, we find ourselves almost starting again, whether it’s, you know, family wise or professionally, and a lot of people really get stuck on that big change taking the leap.”

So how did that feel for you?

“I feel I’ve had two or three times of that throughout my life, that was the first time and it was so much younger. A lot of my colleagues in the legal field, it’s around maybe their late 30s or early 40s that they encounter these thoughts of whether or not they should stay in their profession.

In my case, it was more of a necessity because of my health situation. So for me, changing over to education, even though I never thought of it, was a very fluid transition and I didn’t even believe it was happening until I stepped into my first class. And when I just started putting a few words on the board, and looking at the small number of students in my class, and they were adult learners from other countries, learning basic English, but that was the moment I realized, wow, there’s something to be said about the power of being able to teach and influence others.

And so, I would say 30 years later now, I’ve been a teacher, a counselor, an administrator, in schools, colleges, universities, and in between, I’ve also worked in the US Department of Education and the federal government.

I’ve worked in companies, I work with nonprofits, and also county organizations. And you know, all the way through these years of working predominantly as an educator, I’ve also changed a lot of different jobs and careers and it seems to me every time I was about to change a job, marked another moment in time where I had another serious illness.

It’s funny that I marked my careers with “what illness did I have at that moment that I had to change again?” But it made me realize that without health, my whole life was in pursuit of finding, like I said earlier, how to heal and how to find the right treatments.

It took me almost 30 years to finally get to this point and I’ve been very blessed now realizing that it was both finding the right type of, I call holistic or natural healing, and training my mind and my attitude.

I hear a lot of people always wonder, “what would be your favorite age to go back to?” And a lot of people say they want to go back in their 20s. I for one, would never want to go back into my 20s and 30s because I was suffering for decades with so many different illnesses and symptoms, and so much stress and so much feelings of uncertainty, and so much feelings of lack of self worth. And today, almost half a century in age now, I feel like this is the best time of my life. I’ve never felt more fit, all the way around – emotionally, mentally, and definitely physically. And I owe it a lot to natural healing and natural mindset transformation.”

A lot of people will run to their doctor expecting an answer. But we’ve said it before in previous podcasts, the body wants to heal. You’ve just got to give it the right tools. And sometimes, medical intervention isn’t what the body needs at that time. So definitely, healing wholistically creates a better ecosystem for healing.

” I absolutely agree because I’ve had hundreds of doctors, medical visits, hospital visits, surgeries in my life, because I was always running to find someone who could really treat me and not just give me what I call ‘a band aid’, but I didn’t really know where else to turn to. And I turned to traditional medicine and medications, because that’s all I knew, and made sure I had some kind of health insurance, which is very costly here in the United States.

But it was only the last year or so, last two years, that after I found natural healers, and changed my diet, and also at the same time, shaped my mind in a different way. That’s when everything aligned. It’s like when you talk about, you know, a positive universe. That’s what we have to strive to surround ourselves in, in a life where we have to find that balance and you can’t always turn to I call chemical or a natural means of treating ourselves.

We have to find ways to build within, and also keep working at it. It’s not something that just, here’s a pill, it’s going to happen overnight. It actually starts with constantly working at it and believing that it will get better each day. That  part comes with the mindset and the attitude.”

Are you out there thinking, “How do I do that?” Quick plug here Wholistic Natural Health Australia that’s wholistic with a W. The team there can definitely help you in the right direction. Back to Cammy.

You got into a company called WFG. Can you tell us about that?

“Oh my gosh, absolutely. I love my company, WFG stands for World Financial Group, and five years ago, when I was again in another career transition, I had just come from a car accident. It really did rattle my world because this car accident left me with some spinal injuries in my neck in my lower back and I had just had a very short term work at Disney World.

I was actually serving as a concierge – talk about a whole change in career too I was a concierge. You go from lawyer to educator, and now I’m a concierge in a hotel at one of the resorts in Orlando, Florida. But I was hit from behind from another car who didn’t see me parked at a toll plaza, of all things and that changed me again that day because I realized that even though I’ve spent a whole life trying to do better, trying to get better, here I’ve just added another thing to my health.

So, I had to fly back in and move back to California. To go through a lot of rehab and physical therapy, and of course going to more doctors to get MRIs and exams. But the thing about that particular accident, it led me to actually, my company. My friend, who has been in the company for over 10 years, when she finally realized I had come back to California, she wanted to see how I was doing.

And then she finally shared what she did, which was really astounding to me because knowing her already for two and a half years, she never shared and the moment she did, I said, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” you know, “I have been looking for a company like this almost my entire life.”

You see, our company, our mission is no families are left behind. We believe that there is a lack of financial literacy, not just around the world, but especially in the United States. With so much debt, so much trials and tribulations that people face in terms of how to manage money, what to do, very little people saving for retirement, I was always looking for someone somewhere who would give me some answers.

And it all comes down to my own parents. You see, my parents were small business owners, they owned a construction company. And growing up in the business, I watched how much they worked. Seven days a week, as many small business owners do. And I also realized, not really knowing that this also happens with other solo practitioners and small business owners, that everything you make in the business is just put back into the business. And that also means that you really don’t have any means to save for yourself and your future.

And for my parents, they also put aside money to help me and my brother’s college education. So there was nothing really ever left for them. So I realized before going to college, growing up in the business, I realized as the oldest daughter, I think I’m going to have to be their retirement plan. And I realized that if I don’t ever in my life make enough for myself for my retirement, I definitely wouldn’t be able to make enough to also help them retire.

So I spent years and years and years talking to people, looking things up, trying to find a company or firm or someone who would guide me because I certainly didn’t see it in my schools and I’ve been to a lot of universities for different degrees. Even in my law program, I didn’t have anything that had to do with personal finance. And so all of a sudden here, my friend who I’ve known for, again, already over two years, and she finally shares with me what our company does.

I was really grateful and blown away. I said, My gosh, this changes everything, all the answers that I’ve been searching for my whole life, just to empower myself and my family, you are now showing to me, and I want to learn how to do this, I literally registered, enrolled myself into the company right away.

Because if for nothing else, it was the educational component that as an educator, completely drew me and to this day, it just fuels my passion because we get to go out there and sit in front of individuals, couples, families, businesses, and empower them with the knowledge of financial education and give them the tools in order to succeed.

Now how many people would knock on your door and just say “Hey, could I sit down with you and teach you about how money works and teach you like, what to do with your money?”

I mean, no one ever knocked on my parents doors, not my doors, unless you had, let’s say, over $250,000 in assets, which most people in middle class, or lower income class would not have. But most of the firms always if I even knocked on their door, even as a lawyer,  would first check to see if I had that type of net worth or assets.

That’s not what my company looks at. We look at everybody else. As I said, our mission is no families are left behind. We don’t care what background you come from, what race, culture, socioeconomic status, occupation, how much money you make, or how much money you have, we don’t care. We only care about really giving you the education and then also solutions on how to figure out what you need to do to get to your goals and dreams.’

“I’ve recently talked about teaching financial literacy to people in schools. I think we have to start young. But if we can’t, then we need to work on this family by family. You know, each family’s circumstances are different and it’s finding the right financial education for that family.

It is a privilege to be able to take a lot of my education from my company, as well as all my previous experiences and all my different careers and wrap it all up. So, perhaps it gives me a little bit more credibility when I approach schools, and churches, libraries, nonprofits, they always want something where someone can come in and just share with them knowledge and I do it all for free.

As a matter of fact, when I sit down with clients, our company does not even charge people for the financial counseling provided. Because we work with over 114 investment companies and over 80 banks, they are of such high reputation and their partnership with us is so strong that they actually pay us from behind the scenes. So not a single client, or not a single audience member, when I’m in a seminar, are ever going to be charged for anything.

And that way, it’ll give them a peace of mind that I’m not there to sell to them. I’m really just there to educate them. And then if they need to reach out, then I’m available for them. But because of the teaching and counselling background I have, I’m able to take really difficult concepts or at least what other people think would be difficult when it comes to money, debt inflation, taxes, and then with my legal background, whether it’s bankruptcies or trust & wills, estate planning, I can take all these concepts and make it very simple to understand to the public because I don’t want them to run away, out of fear that have no idea what these terminologies are.

I just want to explain to them that these concepts exist, and they’re totally applicable to their lives. And it’s easy to understand and that’s the key. When we talk to anybody, and this is just in general in life, we want to be able to be more effective communicators and what it comes down to is listening to other people’s needs.

Once you understand what their needs are, then you find ways to present them with ideas, concepts, that makes it understandable and once they get it, they get it. It’s so often that people in my profession in the law or finance or banking, even engineering technology, they like to talk over people’s heads and that doesn’t really serve a good purpose , because that only makes you look like you’re better than others. Rather than really trying to help others, I believe in a servant leader idea. I believe that we are here to serve people and the public and that’s how we empower one person, one community at a time.”

Cammy, what are your top three tips to create wealth, be it personal, financial or emotional?

“Actually, they’re all wrapped up together and probably based on all the stories I just shared about my life. I think financial wealth, personal wealth, emotional, every type of wealth is based on three areas and they’re all interrelated. The first one, and all them actually is about self development, which would lead to growth, and eventually a transformation.

The first tip I always give to people and I said this early on, is developing the right mindset and a positive attitude. Without the two, when you encounter life’s obstacles and challenges, things you can never predict, that’s where you got to really have the willpower, the strong mindset, the positive attitude, to be able to go up against it and overcome it and that is so hard.

Take it from me, 30 years of fighting my own body’s health problems, all the different things, so many times I wanted to give up and go, let’s just forget life. I don’t want to deal with it anymore. I’m going to stay depressed and anxious forever, but that’s not going to really propel me to go anywhere.

So number one, if I can keep strengthening my Emotional intelligence, my stronger mindset and keep having a belief, a stronger conviction that each day gives me the grace and the power to start all over again and be able to repaint the canvas of life, well, that is my first tip no matter what.

That’s beautiful, what’s the second tip?

The second tip is, well, as we believe in that, we also cannot give up on that notion. We have to keep striving for it and the way to do that is to say, let’s say self affirmations. Every day. You wake up if your prayer for faithful you say a prayer, you meditate, you look at yourself and you chant you have on your phone or someone taped up. You just keep telling yourself the great things that you are. That’s what I mean by a self affirmation.

It doesn’t have to be a long list. But you wake up just affirming that life is great, you’re great. You just say whatever it is that makes you feel better and then when you go to sleep at night, you say them again. Along with that, you say what you’re grateful for. Because I think too many times we take for granted what life presents us and our own lives. But that alone actually feeds into the growing more positive mindset.

If we literally do self affirmations and gratefulness, each day of our lives, we actually change the chemistry in our brain and we actually have the endorphins moving faster and it makes us want to really, really feel like we can tackle every day. So yes, having the conviction, not giving up and always doing the self affirmation and you know statements of gratefulness.

Third one is also part of that growth, mindset, reading a lot of books. I’m an avid reader, obviously as an educator, but I also read a lot of positive mindset books and there’s so many out there. There’s the 177 you know, mental toughness that Steven Siebel, the author has written.

There are books about money and success and together and you know, people like Robert Kiyosaki with Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Tony Robbins with the master game. You know, all these types of – Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill. So you know, and magic of thinking big David Schwartz. I mean, I could get go on on.

I always feel like the more we read, the more we feed our mind with whatever it is that you’re reading, if you read negative and sad things that will just keep feeding your mind to remain sad and pessimistic. I read books that show you how to be more successful, show you how to be more positive, show you how to treat better other people as well. So reading books all the time like I say, feeds the mind and feeds the soul.

Associating with other people who actually do better than you. Now, that’s something very interesting that I learned with my own company. We say that a lot. And then I think most people would shy away from that notion of what do you mean people who are doing better than you? Because most of us associate with people who do the same or less than we do.

When we associate with people who do worse than we do, less than we do. We feel like we’re the king of everybody, the queen of everybody. But that doesn’t actually help us to grow. Really to grow, you have to be out of your comfort zone. I always say, “to grow, you literally have to get out of your security, your comfort zone, and surround yourself with people who are doing better whether they are financially, spiritually, mentally, socially, whatever they’re doing that’s better.

Let them be your role models. Let them be your guides. Let them be the goal that you want to set for yourself.” And it goes to show that you know, part of this tip is also seeking out good mentors and coaches. Even though I’ve been coaching for years in education and career, and financial, I still have mentors and coaches myself.

I will never stop learning and growing and looking at other people, as examples that I can also strive for. I would be one of the first people who would say I would rather humble myself all day long, in order to be a better person.

So when we’re reading books, associating with people who are doing better than we are, and seeking out really great strong, positive mentors and coaches, then we again, are leading ourselves to be reaching a potential that is almost unlimited. We just have to recognize and start doing that.”

You can find Cammy at and on LinkedIn. Cammy has got a freebie for the listeners.

“Even though I know I’m in the United States, I’m still very easily reachable by LinkedIn and by my website. I offer two freebies, one of which is my company, in terms of if anyone needs any help with their own personal finances, as well as even for their business.

I offer a 45 minute free strategy consultation just to get you started and I talk to people around the world, thanks to zoom. I absolutely welcome anyone to reach out to me. Whether by email, my website, my LinkedIn or Facebook.

I could sit down and talk with you about what kind of concerns you have with your own households personal finances, how you want to be better at it, and what kind of goals you want to reach and the same thing for businesses. Just because you run a business and it could be your own it doesn’t mean that you don’t have challenges as well.  I also work with solo practitioners, small and medium business owners.

Another part of the freebie is I have a free PDF that my company puts out, they are six financial strategies that everyone should really take a look at when they’re either talking about their own finances, or their company’s. This little small guidebook, in PDF form, is called Money Matters.

It has the six areas that people should really think about when it comes to building a stronger and more solid, business or personal financial foundation. It will get people to think about whether or not they have that in their own lives.

Cammy’s email is So

Thank you so much Cammy it’s been a great chat with you. And just letting people know, jump onto this now, don’t wait for something to go wrong. We are in a very new situation with the world economy and things are going to be changing. I would suggest that you have a chat with Cammy sooner rather than later and just prepare yourself for what could be coming.

Procrastination is the most expensive nation~Cammy Wang.

“I want to give you all my time, and attention to just start you off and start the road to whether it’s recovery or new self discovery. Just feel free to reach out and you know, with Wholistic Natural Health, first of all, thank you so much for this opportunity to share my experience and what I do. I think you’re doing incredible work in reaching out to the world with what you do to heal them one day at a time Thank you. It’s a privilege and an honour to be able to be one of your speakers today and I thank you so much.”

That was episode nine of A Magical Life Building Health & Wealth Out Of Disaster. We’re going to send you out into the world now to go and create your own magical life. But we have Episode 10 coming up soon, with the lovely Sophie Woodcock, a very dear friend of our team and we’ve actually titled Episode 10. “It’s only cancer.” I know you’re all a bit shocked, right? You’ll hear what we both have to say about the big C, and why so many people blow it out of proportion. So that’s coming up in Episode 10. It’s only cancer.

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