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Wholistic Anti-depressant (Dopaminergic)

Wholistic Anti-Depressant (Dopaminergic)


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Essential Oil Blend Name: Wholistic anti-depressant (dopaminergic)

This essential oil combination works to raise dopamine levels and is a safe, natural anti-depressant. Depression is a mental disorder characterized by low mood, anxiety, and loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the regulation of mood and emotions. Some people with depression have low levels of dopamine in their brains, which can lead to decreased motivation, pleasure, and energy. We also have a serotonin-boosting natural antidepressant blend. Asking yourself the following questions about each product may help you choose which natural antidepressant essential oil blend is best for you if you’re unsure. Either try both or see which ones you generally respond “yes” to more.

Questions to ask yourself to see if this blend is for you

  • Do you often have feelings of hopelessness?
  • Do you often have self-destructive thoughts?
  • Do you often have the inability to handle stress?
  • Do you often have anger and aggression while under stress?
  • Do you often feel you are not rested, even after long hours of sleep?
  • Do you often prefer to isolate yourself from others?
  • Do you often have an unexplained lack of concern for family and friends?
  • Are you easily distracted from your tasks?
  • Do you often have the inability to finish tasks?
  • Do you often feel the need to consume caffeine to stay alert?
  • Do you feel your libido has decreased?
  • Do you lose your temper for minor reasons?
  • Do you have feelings of worthlessness?



Description of Blend

Dopaminergic action.




Rosemary, clary sage, roman chamomile, and wild orange.

We use Doterra essential oils that are CPTG-certified pure tested grade. All blends are 100% natural.

Aromatherapy and essential oils can provide many health benefits. Learn more about them here.


Additional information

Weight0.32 g
Dimensions0.65 × 0.28 × 0.65 cm


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