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Here are all our testimonials of lots of happy customers who we have helped along the way with various methods such as root cause analysis, coaching, therapies, nutrition and more.

Kelly M

I didn't feel heard by my doctor or specialists. They told me I had a certain problem but none of the testing actually showed anything. They medicated me without the...Read more

Peter Meyer

I loved the calming surroundings and that great feeling after receiving a very professional treatment. I highly recommend this service which is actually not expensive in my opinion. Five stars.

Kerry Verdon

I found working with Magic Barclay was amazing. Everything she said and did was purely her not only listening to me but also just knowing that what I was going...Read more

Nicki Thomson

Magic’s approach to health is out of the box. An amazing practitioner and detective who delves into what is actually going on with your health. When we met I could...Read more

Kerryn Love Light

Magic is super professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, straight forward, honest & kind. A small business worth every bit of support 🙌

Corinne Austin

Magic truly lives up to her name! A wealth of knowledge right across the health spectrum, and a deeply inquisitive and intuitive mind. Highly recommend you experience the magic of...Read more

Sheree Shefket

Magic is an exceptional Health Professional. I highly recommend her service.

Crystal Rose Salmon

Magic is an authentic and caring practitioner as you can tell by the way she conducts herself in your consultations and the information she shares xx

Corrina Shilling, New Zealand

Thank you Magic, by implementing the activities you have taught me and working on my mindset I feel a big shift in how I feel. I feel lighter and have...Read more

Maria, VIC, Australia

I highly recommend Wholistic Health Medicine cause it does help in any health problem you may have!!. The practitioner will explain to you and support you in everyway till to...Read more

Thea Spyrou

I have been getting lymphatic drainage from the therapist at Wholistic Natural Health. Not only has my lymphoedema improved but I have been linked with other therapists in their network...Read more

Lauren Carew , VIC, Australia

I have found the blog information extremely helpful and easy to follow. The practitioners are wonderful so helpful and are continuously updating their knowledge to share with others. In these...Read more

Brenda Pearce

So glad I found Wholistic Natural Health as their information is intelligent clear and realistic, that makes it so much easier to apply to my own life and daily routines....Read more

Faye Waterman

I would highly recommend Wholistic Natural Health because they have the knowledge and skills in specialised areas to work with you. When one is dealing with any medical issues and...Read more

Chris Howard’s Video Testimonial

Jay Conrad Levinson

I am pleased and honored to know Ben Harvey. He’s an expert on change. Once people listen to Ben, they are able to implement things they have learned and take...Read more

Eva Tzschaschel

My decision to ask Ben Harvey to coach me in my wellness and life coaching business, Face Body Wellness, was one of the best business decisions I ever made. Ben...Read more

Chris Howard

If you are considering doing any type of training with Ben Harvey he is a true pro. We have been quite successful with his help to grow our business to...Read more

Christie Pinto

Before starting coaching with Ben I only managed to get clients who signed up for around 3 months and only ever completed a maximum of 10 coaching sessions with me....Read more

Ari Galper

Ben is one of those friends and assets that you want to keep forever. He has a gift and talent for helping people get what they want and deserve. Mozart’s...Read more

Sue Lester

Ben Harvey really is the coaches’ coach. Under his expert guidance I’ve turned a talent into a thriving business, Growing Content. My coaching services are now packaged so it is...Read more

Ingrid Perri

Hi Ben, Just wanted to share with you the ‘teensy bit’ of success I’ve had since I came back from Sydney 5 new clients, spoken to 12 people about my...Read more

Lune Lim

HEY BEN!! Thanks so much for all your valuable teachings with selling with integrity! Very very MUCH appreciated. Ii just landed five contracts worth over $3M p.a to supply IGA...Read more

Aaron Hudson

Ben taught me one technique that took about 5 minutes to learn and it netted me $50,000 in 4 months, and it doesn’t matter if someone rejects me anymore…..Brilliant!

Yvonne Ralph

Hi Ben, I have just finished reading your eBook Breaking Through Your Belief Systems and just had to write to you and say Thank You! Over the past fifteen years,...Read more

Marian Cepcani

I was looking for a change in life and feeling desperate, sad, and sick of everything and completely lost in thoughts. I received (mysteriously?) an invitation to attend Ben’s workshop....Read more

Carolyn Deigan

Ben Harvey is a true master of helping people change. He clarified my purpose and also taught me techniques that have changed my negative self talk permanently.  

Danyelle Anderson

I had been suffering from depression for one and a half years. After a short 29 minute phone call with Ben, I have never had a single episode of depression...Read more

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