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Living with diabetes can be challenging, but with the right management techniques, it is possible to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Learn more about the management for diabetes here.

Chronic Illness Management Plan

A Holistic Chronic Illness Management Plan

Chronic illnesses are on the rise, affecting millions of people worldwide. In fact, approximately half of the Australian population, around 50%, has at least one chronic condition.  That's why it's important to have an effective chronic illness…

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Diabetes And Liver Health

The Diabetes and Liver Health Connection

Thriving with Diabetes: Diabetes and Liver Health: The Liver's Role Revealed | Magic Barclay-EP002 Welcome to an illuminating episode of the "Thriving with Diabetes" podcast, where Magic Barclay, our esteemed lead practitioner, unveils the often-overlooked synergy between…

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This Is Type 1 Podcast- The Root Causes Of Diabetes Type 1

The Root Causes for Diabetes Type 1

This is Type 1 Podcast Interview: Bonus! Root Cause Analysis, with Magic Barclay Root cause analysis is the process of identifying the true causes of a problem, and it's often essential in fixing it. By understanding the…

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