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A Magical Life Podcast: Health, Wealth & Weight Loss is the perfect resource for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being. Check out our top picks of episodes to get started!

Natural Migraine And Headache Solutions

Natural Migraine and Headache Solutions

Episode 259: Recovery from Headaches and Migraines Through Movement with Dr. Jono Taves Struggling with headaches and migraines? Discover natural pain management with Dr. Jono Taves, a headache relief specialist who uses movement-based therapy. Listen to learn…

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Insomnia Causes And Solutions

Insomnia Causes and Solutions

Episode 231:Hidden Causes of Insomnia with Martha Lewis Can't sleep? Tune into our latest episode where we're joined by The Sleep Detective, Martha Lewis. Examine the several causes of insomnia, such as blood sugar levels, dietary practices,…

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The Physiology And Psychology Of Weight Loss, Part 1 With Dr. Mary Barson

Physiology and Psychology of Weight Loss

Episode 56:The Physiology and Psychology of Weight Loss, Part 1 with Dr. Mary Barson Unlock the secrets to effective weight loss with Dr. Mary Barson's holistic approach. Explore the physiology and psychology behind shedding pounds, learn key…

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Tapping Techniques

EFT Tapping Techniques

Episode 128:A Pathway To Insight with Ann Hince In this episode, we are joined by Ann Hince, a professional speaker, author, and spiritual teacher, who discusses the concept of healing through acknowledging and experiencing one's emotions, as…

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Self Care And Essential Oils For Wellness

Self Care and Essential Oils for Wellness

Episode 29: Essential Oils for Wellness with Inga Truscott Inga Truscott, a Wellness Advocate, shares her three tips for improving health, wealth, and weight loss on the show. The discussion focuses on self-care and the use of…

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Liver Detoxing

Liver Detoxing 101

Episode 200: What Is Liver Detox? Before starting a liver detox, it is important to educate yourself and understand the process. In our 200th episode, we discuss the significance of stages 1, 2, and 3 in liver…

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Living An Organic Lifestyle

Living An Organic Lifestyle

Episode 143: Living An Organic Lifestyle with Tammy Cuthbert Garcia In this episode, we have the pleasure of having Tammy Cuthbert Garcia, an accomplished holistic nutritionist, who specializes in facilitating the healing process from within. Tammy is…

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