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Do you have a question on your mind that you would like to ask us? Here are all our FAQs (frequently asked questions) that might help you. If your question is not specified below, you can either leave your question in the comments section below on this page, or you can get in contact with us by clicking here and we will try to answer you as soon as we can.

What is the difference between how we treat clients compared to naturopaths and doctors?

The First difference

Most naturopaths and doctors treat using reductionism, we use wholeism.

Reductionism is what it suggests, reducing treatment to a symptom, collection of symptoms or a single body system. For example, a thyroid issue is a thyroid issue, weight gain, colds hands and feet, etc.

A thyroid issue is actually a down the line problem. The thyroid is not the issue. What caused an imbalance? What systems are involved? Is this a cancer issue (gain a down-the line problem), or is it due to toxicity?

In wholeism, we look at exactly what is the trigger (s), what systems are involved, where does this line of investigation lead?  It all leads to root cause but a single root cause can affect any or all of the body systems. By using reductionism, we miss a lot of what is going on.

The 2nd difference

The germ theory is practiced by the traditional medical profession, including naturopaths. The germ theory is based on the observations of a scientist named Louis Pasteur.  According to Pasteur, we get sick because of invading microbes. He realised that many diseases were caused by unseen germs and developed pasteurization and vaccinations for rabies and anthrax.

When it comes to treating our clients, we employ the terrain theory. The terrain theory is based on the observations of Antoine Béchamp, a fellow competing French chemist (1816-1908). Béuchamp countered Pasteur’s beliefs by claiming that germs are a large, permanent, and inevitable part of the human body, and that the body only becomes ill when its natural balance is disrupted and that microbes only become harmful when the host’s ‘terrain’ or environment has deteriorated.

Louis Pasteur changed the way people saw the immune system, in fact- most modern western medicine is based on his studies and theories. Especially the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry every year. Antoine Béchamp published the terrain theory and was always well himself. On Pasteur’s death bed he admitted the terrain is everything but science ignored him and continued with the germ theory as there is more money to make.

To give you an example that might make this easier to understand, is if we compare it to a fish in a fishbowl. If the fish bowel had dirty water and the fish got sick, Pasteur would heal the fish by giving it a vaccine and wouldn’t worry about the environment still being dirty. However, Béchamp would clean the inside of the fish and either change the environment that the fish was in or clean that too, to make the fish healthier.

Why hasn’t my doctor told me any of this before?

Well, imagine if you will that the body is complex (it is!). In any mainstream education, a doctor will only have an allocated time to learn about a certain area, eg: thyroid. In fact, that time can be a day, a week, or a month. It certainly won’t be ample to investigate all there is to. The education of doctors is time-poor, they are stressed, have a limited amount of time to learn, then once in practice- have limited time to keep learning. As Innate Immunity/Functional Health Solutions practitioners, we learn every week and continue to do so. We read studies, attend mentorship groups, add in more courses bi-annually and are always learning.

Why would I go to you for my health when I can go to my doctor for free?

If you are happy going to your doctor, your pain is gone, your illness is fixed then carry on doing what you’ve been doing. But if you are still in pain, you haven’t felt listened to by your doctor, then what your doing isn’t working is it? Then you should be looking at another approach.

We’ve all been in the same situation here at Wholistic Natural Health. That’s why started this business in the first place because we didn’t want anyone else to go through the torment of having to live in pain.  It is no way to live.  So yes, unfortunately, we aren’t free like the doctors are, we have to make a living, so we do charge but all of these methods we use work and can help improve your quality of living physically, mentally, and emotionally.

They have worked on us and they have worked on hundreds of others. Everything comes at a price. You just have to ask yourself if your health is worth scrimping over. Do you feel your doctor is making things better? If not then that’s when you need to try something different. That’s when you can call us. We can’t promise that everyone will suit our health programs. We will always be honest right from the start. If we don’t think any of them aren’t right for you we won’t push you on to any of them.

In the root cause analysis (which is free) we’ll be able to tell what we can do to help and what we can’t.  In cases that we don’t think our programs are suitable, the majority of the time we can at least refer you in the right direction of an appropriate health professional who can.

What is the average time frame people feel/get better with your health programs?

Each person is different, as it really depends on the shape of your immune system. Minimum 14 days, maximum 8 months- it depends on what you have going on.

Can I lose weight on your health programs?

Yes. Weight problems are actually an indicator that the body is out of balance so we can help a lot in this area. We focus on fixing health issues first and foremost however, we find a lot of our clients do tend to lose a lot of weight due to becoming healthier physically and emotionally.  If you would like weight loss advice tune in to our podcast where we regularly talk about weight loss.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes, we have payment plans available with Afterpay so you can pay in 4 installments. Get in touch with us to find out more.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take all debit and credit card payments through Stripe which is safe and secure. Alternatively, we accept bank transfers too.

What is the root-cause analysis?

The root cause analysis is a free 30-minute strategy session and comes with no obligation and can be done remotely. We ask you to complete a 12-page questionnaire form (which we can send to you via email) so we can get a thorough grasp of what’s going on in your immune system and also find out in a lot more detail about your previous medical history.

The form has 76 health questions that help us understand which body systems are out of balance. Once completed we can then work out the necessary tests, therapies, treatments, etc that we think would be most beneficial for you and then discuss a proposed strategy for you over the phone or via zoom.

The root-cause analysis will also give you a better idea of what we are about and how we can help. In some cases where we aren’t able to help  (as not everyone suits our health programs), we might be able to refer you to someone who can, as we are part of a global health community. So you have nothing to lose! Book now

I don’t live in Australia. Can I still use your services?

Yes! The majority of our services can be done remotely anywhere in the world. If any physical work is required, we are part of a global health community so even if we might not be able to help you we might be able to refer you to a suitable practitioner close by to you. If in doubt get in touch with us to find out more.

Wholistic or Holistic ?

What’s the difference between wholistic or holistic? Do they mean the same thing? Yes, they mean the exact same thing which is to treat as a whole. It is traditionally spelled with an H but can also be spelled with a W.



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