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Do you have a question on your mind that you would like to ask us? Here are all our FAQs (frequently asked questions) that might help you. If your question is not specified below, you can either leave your question in the comments section below on this page, or you can get in contact with us by clicking here and we will try to answer you as soon as we can.

What is the difference between how we treat clients compared to naturopaths and doctors?

The germ theory is practiced by the traditional medical profession, including naturopaths. The germ theory is based on the observations of a scientist named Louis Pasteur.  According to Pasteur, we get sick because of invading microbes. He realised that many diseases were caused by unseen germs and developed pasteurization and vaccinations for rabies and anthrax.

When it comes to treating our clients, we employ the terrain theory. The terrain theory is based on the observations of Antoine Béchamp, a fellow competing French chemist (1816-1908). Béuchamp countered Pasteur’s beliefs by claiming that germs are a large, permanent, and inevitable part of the human body, and that the body only becomes ill when its natural balance is disrupted and that microbes only become harmful when the host’s ‘terrain’ or environment has deteriorated.

To give you an example that might make this easier to understand, is if we compare a fish in a fishbowl. If the fish bowel had dirty water and the fish got sick, Pasteur would heal the fish by giving it a vaccine and wouldn’t worry about the environment still being dirty. However, Béchamp would clean or change the environment that the fish was in to make the fish healthier.

When you go to the doctors they are trained to treat symptoms and provide medication to mask the pain, but not actually fix the root cause of the problem. Naturopaths have more similarities to us in the way we heal, compared to doctors. However we probe a lot more into health history and do thorough root-cause analysis. Then we look at the 11 body systems, find out which systems have been affected ,then heal all of them so they are all functioning in synchronicity.

What is the average time frame people feel/get better with your health programs?

Each person is different, as it really depends on the shape of your immune system. Minimum 14 days, maximum 8 months- depends on what you have going on.

Can I lose weight on your health programs?

Yes. We focus on fixing health issues first and foremost however, we find a lot of our clients do lose a lot of weight due to becoming healthier on lots of our programs. Please get in touch with us for more information on weight loss if that is what you are interested in.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes, we have payment plans available. We have Afterpay and Zip.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take all debit and credit card payments through Stripe which is safe and secure. Alternatively, we accept bank transfers too.



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