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Do you have a question on your mind that you would like to ask us? Here are all our FAQs (frequently asked questions) that might help you. If your question is not specified below, you can either leave your question in the comments section below on this page, or you can get in contact with us by clicking here and we will try to answer you as soon as we can.

What is the difference between how we treat clients compared to naturopaths and doctors?

– Wholism vs. Reductionism

Most naturopaths and doctors treat using reductionism, while we emphasize wholism.

Reductionism simplifies treatment to a symptom, a collection of symptoms, or a single body system. For example, a thyroid issue is regarded as just that – a thyroid issue.

In wholism, we view a thyroid issue as part of a broader context. We examine what might have caused an imbalance in the thyroid and consider which other body systems are involved. Is this related to cancer (yet another downstream issue), or could it be due to toxicity?

In wholism, we delve into the triggers, the systems at play, and the path of investigation it leads us on. Each of these factors may lead to one or several underlying causes that have the potential to affect one or all of the physiological systems. Reductionism often overlooks crucial aspects of the situation, as it primarily focuses on healing or masking the symptom, without addressing the root cause that initiated the health problem. Thus, while symptoms might be alleviated, the underlying issue persists, potentially causing unseen damage in the background. This underscores the importance of identifying and addressing the root causes of health concerns.

– Terrain Theory vs. Germ Theory

The traditional medical profession, including naturopaths, follows germ theory, which is rooted in the observations of Louis Pasteur. According to Pasteur, illness results from invading microbes, and he developed pasteurization and rabies and anthrax vaccinations. He asserted that many diseases were caused by unseen germs.

In our approach to treating clients, we adhere to the terrain theory, which is based on the observations of Antoine Béchamp, a competing French chemist (1816-1908). Béchamp challenged Pasteur’s beliefs by positing that germs are a natural and permanent part of the human body. He argued that the body becomes ill only when its natural balance is disrupted and that microbes turn harmful only when the host’s ‘terrain’ or internal environment deteriorates.

While Louis Pasteur’s germ theory revolutionized our understanding of the immune system and heavily influenced modern Western medicine, including the multi-trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, Antoine Béchamp proposed the terrain theory and remained in good health throughout his life. Interestingly, on his deathbed, Pasteur admitted that the terrain is everything, but his insights were largely ignored in favor of the more profitable germ theory.

To illustrate this distinction, consider the analogy of a sick fish in a dirty fishbowl. Pasteur’s approach would involve administering a vaccination to the fish without addressing the polluted environment, while Béchamp’s approach would focus on cleaning the tank and nourishing the fish to promote healing.

Why hasn’t my doctor told me any of this before?

The human body is incredibly complex, and doctors receive limited time during their education to delve into specific areas of expertise, such as thyroid health etc. This allocated time can vary from just a day to a few weeks or a month, which is far from comprehensive. Doctors often face time constraints, stress, and limited opportunities for continuous learning once they enter practice.

In contrast, as Innate Immunity/Functional Health Solutions practitioners, we prioritize ongoing learning and stay updated with the latest research. We dedicate time every week to expanding our knowledge, participate in mentorship groups, regularly enroll in new courses, and commit to lifelong learning to ensure we provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive solutions for your health.

Why would I go to you for my health when I can go to my doctor for free?

Why Choose Our Solutions Over Traditional Approaches

When it comes to optimising your health and managing chronic illness, our approach stands apart for several compelling reasons:

  1. Specialization in Lymphatic and Immune Health: Lymphatic and immune health play a pivotal role in managing chronic illnesses. Surprisingly, only a minute fraction of doctors (0.07%) are familiar with the lymphatic system, an essential component of the immune system. At Wholistic Natural Health, we specialize in lymphatic and immune health, recognizing their critical significance in your well-being.
  2. Specialization in Mold Toxicity for Body and Home, Collaborating with SanAir: At Wholistic Natural Health, we have a specialized focus on mold toxicity, both within the body and the home environment. We collaborate with SanAir Technologies, a leading authority in indoor air quality and mold testing, to address and mitigate mold-related health issues comprehensively. Our expertise in this area allows us to provide tailored solutions for individuals dealing with mold-related health challenges, offering a unique advantage in improving well-being.
  3. Time-Poor vs. Time-Dedicated Care: In contrast to doctors who are often time-constrained, with limited minutes per patient, and overworked due to high patient loads, we offer a different approach. At Wholistic Natural Health, we prioritize your health investigation and care. While traditional medical appointments may last just 8 minutes on average, we dedicate ample time to delve into your 76-page medical history root cause analysis. This allows us to provide the thorough attention and focus your health deserves, setting us apart from traditional healthcare approaches.
  4. Comprehensive Testing Methods: Nutripath offers an extensive array of over 200+ pathology tests, making us one of the most comprehensive integrative medical laboratories available. This breadth allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your unique health needs, enabling more targeted and personalized solutions.
  5. Scientifically Based Services: Our therapies and services are scientifically based and have not only benefited our practitioners but also hundreds of clients. We offer evidence-based solutions that have a track record of improving various health situations.
  6. Global Reach with Free Root Cause Analysis: We extend our services worldwide, reaching individuals no matter where they are. Our commitment to your well-being includes offering a complimentary root cause analysis, providing free advice, and tailored solutions to help you take charge of your health, no matter your location.
  7. Understanding Chronic Illness from Experience: Our practitioners have personally experienced chronic illnesses and were dissatisfied with the traditional medical system. They have explored various alternative health techniques from around the world, which significantly improved their health. This journey inspired them to study and learn more about improving health to help others facing similar issues. Magic, our lead practitioner, faced severe health challenges in 2015, including lymphedema, diabetes, Lyme disease, and cancer. She was even told she had only 12 months to live. Magic’s journey, marked by resilience and alternative therapies, serves as a testament to the power of our approaches in managing chronic conditions.
  8. Personalized Diet and Nutrition Guidance: Doctors may not always offer diet and nutrition advice tailored to immune function, as it falls outside their specialization. In contrast, we excel in this area, providing guidance that directly supports your immune system and overall health.
  9. Proven Expertise in Chronic Condition Management: Our experienced practitioners have a proven track record in managing and treating a wide spectrum of chronic conditions. These include cancer, lymphedema, hypoxia, stenosis, autoimmune illnesses, and diabetes. We don’t just offer theoretical solutions; we have a history of successfully helping individuals navigate and improve their health in these challenging circumstances.
  10. Holistic vs. Reductionist Approach: While traditional medical practitioners often follow a reductionist approach, focusing on germ theory and isolated symptoms, we embrace a holistic perspective. We understand that chronic illnesses require a multifaceted approach that considers the whole person. Our solutions address not only the symptoms but also the underlying factors contributing to your condition.
  11. A Holistic Approach to Well-Being: Our expertise extends beyond health and encompasses various aspects of your life, including work, community engagement, mental health, and more. We recognize that true well-being requires a holistic approach that considers all these factors.
  12. Medical Gaslighting and Malpractice: Medical gaslighting and malpractice are becoming increasingly common due to doctors being overworked and having limited time to treat each patient adequately. In contrast, at Wholistic Natural Health, we prioritize taking the time necessary to provide comprehensive care and support, ensuring you don’t have to suffer in silence.
  13. Integrating Traditional and Alternative Approaches: There’s no need to choose between traditional and alternative approaches when dealing with chronic illness. In fact, combining both can maximize results. We believe in working alongside traditional medical practitioners to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective care possible.
  14. Investing in Your Health and Well-Being: While our services are not free like traditional medical care, they are worth the investment in your health. We offer therapies, services, skills, and methods that have been scientifically based and have even helped our practitioners manage their health conditions effectively. The skills we teach you are for life and are truly priceless. Your health and well-being are invaluable, and the benefits of our services can significantly enhance your quality of life, both physically and mentally. We also empower you by teaching you how to be your own health coach and advocate.
  15. Honest Assessment: We believe in providing honest assessments from the beginning. If we believe our health programs are not suitable for your specific health status, we will not push you into them. During our free root cause analysis, we will discuss what we can and cannot assist with, ensuring transparency and clarity in our approach to your health.

In choosing Wholistic Natural Health you’re opting for a unique and specialized approach that goes beyond conventional medicine. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and well-being by addressing the root causes of your chronic illness and offering personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What is the average time frame people feel/get better with your health programs?

Individual timelines vary significantly based on the individual’s immune system and their specific health circumstances. While some individuals may experience improvements in as little as 14 days, others may require up to 8 months or more to see noticeable changes in their health. The duration of the healing process depends on the unique factors at play within your body.

Can I lose weight on your health programs?

Certainly. Excess weight often serves as a symptom of underlying health imbalances, and addressing these issues is our primary focus. As clients work towards improving their overall health, it’s common for weight loss to occur as a natural consequence of becoming healthier both physically and emotionally. If you’re interested in weight loss advice, consider tuning in to our podcast, where we frequently share valuable tips and insights on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes, we have Afterpay available on request all of our products and most of our services that are under $2000, so you can pay in 4 installments.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all debit and credit card payments through Stripe which is safe and secure. As an alternative, we also accept gold and silver through coinshop as well as bank transfers.

I don’t live in Australia. Can I still use your services?

Yes! The majority of our services can be done remotely anywhere in the world. If any physical work is required, we are part of a global health community so even if we might not be able to directly help you, we might be able to refer you to a suitable practitioner close by to you. If in doubt get in touch with us to find out more.

Wholistic or Holistic ?

What’s the difference between “wholistic” or “holistic”? Do they mean the same thing? Yes, they mean the exact same thing, which is to treat and heal as a whole, addressing the mind, body, and soul. The term is traditionally spelled with an “H” but can also be spelled with a “W,” as we use a “W” because we also treat with wholism.



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