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Locations and Remote Services

Our work with clients can be done remotely anywhere in the world. So regardless of what country you are from, we are here to help.

The Melbourne, Australia locations of our clinic are currently closed. However, we are still open since we can assist you online. If any physical work is required, we may direct you to the nearest facility in your area, and pathology tests can be supplied to your home and completed at the closest pathology lab. You can receive medicine and supplements by mail. The rest can be handled over the phone or with zoom.

We have access to the combined wisdom of numerous, reputable holistic health practitioners from all over the world because we are a part of the Innate Immunity/Functional Health Solutions practitioner network. As a result, if necessary, we can also refer you.

Our Natural Health Practitioners offer a range of flexible consultation times, that can cater to your country timezone. If you are booking from another country outside of Australia please be aware of the timezone difference when booking a time slot.

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Compression Garment Fitting

We can arrange for the practitioner closest to you to come to your home and assist with compression garment sizing and fitting.



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