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Eva Tzschaschel

My decision to ask Ben Harvey to coach me in my wellness and life coaching business, Face Body Wellness, was one of the best business decisions I ever made. Ben helped me to package my coaching sessions, so it is easy for my clients to understand the program I offer, and commit to a positive change in their life.

One of the biggest light bulb moments was to get the idea that I have to be absolutely confident in what I do and how I can help others. Ben calls it “Authentic Confidence”. People know –subconsciously – if someone walks their talk or if they doubt themselves. With Ben’s encouragement I quickly gained confidence, and immediately people seemed to notice. The reward for me was of course that they bought my coaching programs.
I can only encourage you to work with Ben as it is a lot of fun and the results are great! I now run a successful wellness centre with many coaching clients.


5 Star Review
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