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Ingrid Perri

Hi Ben,

Just wanted to share with you the ‘teensy bit’ of success I’ve had since I came back from Sydney

  • 5 new clients,
  • spoken to 12 people about my series of 6 lunchtime seminars, of those 12, sold 6 paid in full for all 6 seminars and booked 2 for one on one coaching,
  • started my weekly radio spot on MTR1377 which is going really well
  • had a quote to coach a ‘victim of crime’ compensation client accepted, to the tune of $2500, starting tonight,
  • been offered an ongoing coaching gig for corporate clients in Melbourne at $400/hour
  • sacked a client for continually changing his appointments (this is huge for me) and told the universe I only want clients who are ready to change and are prepared to pay me lots of love in return

So, as you can see, just a teensy weensy bit of success! I’m just loving this. I think my turning point was the first day also.

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