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Jan Gibson

I went to a talk by Magic at an expo, and was impressed by the depth of her scientific knowledge on the body systems and how they can be over & under functioning. Also her commitment to look beyond the symptom to the root cause. Because to me anything else is just a band aid covering the real problem. That along with zero pressure and a true desire to help people had me committed to working with her by the end of the talk. My decision was validated from the first (complimentary) Root Cause Analysis session where she was examining every sign, body signal & test result, looking for the root cause, plus she really listened to what I said. She heard me. And that is something I do not get from many practitioners. Add to that she is a straight shooter who I feel I can really trust so that we will be working together to resolve my issues (rather than be told what is wrong with me). I am impressed and pleased I met her.

5 Star Review
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