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Kelly M

I didn’t feel heard by my doctor or specialists. They told me I had a certain problem but none of the testing actually showed anything. They medicated me without the supporting information and when I asked questions they dismissed me.

I spoke with the Wholistic team and my practitioner went through my Root Cause Analysis, including all the tests I spent a fortune on. I feel like they heard me, and they taught me a little more about my condition. I really want to get out of the chronic illness spiral, I often feel like I am spiraling.
They actually told me that I was not a candidate for their (W)holistic Approach Reset. At first I was a bit shocked but after a lengthy education session with my practitioner and a couple of referrals to decent specialists, I felt at ease again.

I did take on the work they call PNEI. My practitioner has supported me in a partial program addressing things from my past that have contributed to where I am now in my health and I email my practitioner with updates from my specialist. I hope one day I can do the full program as mainstream medicine does leave me uneasy and feeling lost.

I would recommend Wholistic Natural Health to anyone that feels unheard, misled or dismissed by mainstream medicine. If you are sick of chasing symptoms and want to be well, knowing you have fixed the problem, not just the symptoms, try Wholistic Natural Health.

My practitioner and her team listened to me, they taught me what my original health triggers were and what I could do about them. They are working with me while I am still seeing a mainstream specialist and explaining what sometimes gets left out or glossed over.

I now have confidence in my body and my mind. I feel like I can start living and not being scared of the next diagnosis the specialist lays on me.

4 Star Review
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