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What is eating you? Here are all our blogs about Pathogens that cause disease and what they can do to your body. Pathogens are in everyone.  A lot of illnesses can be caused due to imbalances in the body and when the body gets unbalanced these little guys like to go wild wreak havoc on your immune system.  Here we give information, support, testing methods and treatment advice on pathogen control to help restore your health so you can live your best life.

Parasites And The Immune System

Parasites and the Immune System

What You Need to Know About Parasites In this blog, we will talk about Parasites and the Immune System. Parasites are commonly thought to be a severe problem mainly in Third World countries, although this could not…

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What Is The Root Cause

What is the Root Cause?

What is the root cause and missing link between heart disease, menopause, fluid retention, psoriasis, brain fog, and bloating? EVERY major condition we know of can be traced back to one or all four below problems. 1.…

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