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5 Pandemic Health Tips

5 Pandemic Health Tips

Here we will give you the top 5 pandemic health tips to thrive through a viral pandemic.

Currently, humans are divided into 3 generalised groups. Each is determined by their perspective of the current viral pandemic: Coronavirus (Covid 19). These groups are generically identified as

  1. People consumed by panic
  2. People ignoring the viral threat
  3. People looking beyond the viral threat and looking into theories of where it came from.

No matter which group you identify with, the actions you need to take are all the same.

In times of uncertainty, we all suffer from one thing- stress. Stress can be mental, physical or emotional. When we look at our values and beliefs, we can see how our response to stress can be exacerbated or diminished. Regardless of your stress response, it is imperative to follow simple and effective steps to decrease the flow-on effect of wavering stress levels.  Stress is not only a catalyst for disease but it can be an influence on cognitive response. Hence, the reactions we are seeing in the news coverage of the pandemic at this time.

Long term consequences of stress and long term consequences of uncertainty can lead to stealth infections (viruses, bacteria, morphed or rogue cells, etc) taking control of the body and mind. Viral outbreaks of any size can lead to generations after generations of ill health. A pandemic such as Covid 19 can lead to cellular changes that occur to desensitise the body to the virus. The virus may seem to disappear over time but the damage it has embedded into the human body will be long lasting.

So what can you do right now to prevent this exponential effect?

Here are our top 5 pandemic health tips

1. Be mindful of hygiene.

Washing your hands is the first defense in a viral battle. Have you ever considered what happens when you exit the bathroom? Studies show that one single contaminated door handle in a bathroom can infect up to 60% of occupants in a building within 4 hours. (C. Gerba, UA news, 2012). Similarly, testing completed in the Al-Shifa Hospital (Gaza) concluded that pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms thrived on door handles, flush buttons, towel dispensers and even in automated hand dryers.

Staph bacteria, MRSA, and viruses were becoming drug resistant and morphing into strains that became impervious to medicines within a period of 48 hours. To combat this hotbed of viral infection, wash your hands and immediately follow that with an alcohol based hand sanitiser. Do not touch surfaces without further sanitising your hands.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Viruses such as Covid 19 cannot take hold in a well hydrated body. Having a few sips of water when you are thirsty will do very little to defend your body against pathogens. Not only should you be drinking a litre of water for every 22 kilos of bodyweight, but, you should be drinking structured water. Water can be structured by adding lemon juice, salt, fulvic and humic minerals and collagen to it. Structured water is taken up by the body’s cells at a faster rate and is the only way to prevent dehydration.

3. Step into the sunshine.

Many viruses are weakened by UV A and UV B rays. Whilst we are aware to take care in the sun, many of us are uninformed in regards to the healing effect of the sun. In fact, several studies have concluded that sunlight has a sanitising effect on the body and in some cases, kills a viral pathogen.

“Exposure to UV radiation is recognized to suppress cell-mediated immunity and therefore could adversely affect the course of a viral infection”(M Norval- 2006, PubMed)

Sunlight or, more specifically, solar UV radiation (UV) acts as the principal natural virucide in the environment. UV radiation kills viruses by chemically modifying their genetic material, DNA and RNA. (CD Lytle – ‎2005, PMC)

An additional benefit of sunshine is that it encourages the production of Vitamin D which allows the body to use and distribute calcium, phosphorus and many other minerals vital to good health. Vitamin D from sunlight also helps the mental health of a person and reduces the incidence of depression, anxiety and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

4. Use nature’s gifts to heal.

You may be sick of hearing this but a diet packed with fresh fruit and vegetables is essential to viral immunity. Add to that loose- leaf teas and you will be on to a winner. A nourished body is a strong body. A body given the tools of vitamins and minerals from natural sources, is a body ready to combat viral infections.

5. Take time to connect.

In times of enforced isolation, connection is even more important than ever before. Take a walk in the sunshine, talk to your neighbor, walk a pet and spend time with your immediate family. Bonds that were once considered commonplace are now a luxury. Use this uncertain time to ground yourself in these connections.

A robust body of scientific evidence indicates that being embedded in high-quality close relationships and feeling socially connected to the people in your life is associated with decreased risk for all-cause mortality as well as a range of disease morbidities. (Am Psychol-2017, PMC)

The human body is able to heal itself given the correct environment. Whether it is from a viral pandemic or any other dis-ease, the body ultimately wants to be well. It is your right and responsibility to give it the tools to do so.  The systems of the body are your germ warfare departments. Arming them to fight the common enemy allows them to work in unison to heal and strengthen the body.

That about raps things up . We hope you found the 5 Pandemic Health Tips useful to know.

The team at Wholistic Natural Health Australia are here to support you through this un-nerving time. To find out more tips to fight the viral outbreak or more simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones, book your Complimentary Health Strategy Session today (obligation free).


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