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The ACES Quiz

The ACES Quiz

The ACEs questionnaire is designed to gauge the occurrence of various traumatic experiences during childhood. Consisting of 10 questions, this quiz aims to shed light on the potential challenges individuals may encounter later in life. Research suggests that a higher number of ACEs is often associated with an increased risk of certain health issues. Therefore, this assessment serves as a tool to estimate an individual’s susceptibility to facing such challenges.

This quiz will be asking you some questions about events that happened during your childhood; specifically the first 18 years of your life. If you score more than 3 it’s a high indication that have suffered childhood trauma and limbic work may be needed.

In limbic work, this information allows us to better understand problems that may have occurred early in your life and allow us to explore how those problems may be impacting the challenges you are experiencing today. This can be very helpful in the success of your treatment.

The ACES Quiz

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