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The Benefits of Magnesium: From Types to Deficiency Signs

Episode 197: 5 Top Tips to Using Magnesium with Natalie Jurado

In the second part of the interview, Natalie Jurado and Magic Barclay talk about the importance of getting enough magnesium for overall health, the various types, ways to increase intake daily, signs of a deficiency, reasons for the prevalence of deficiencies, and everyday tips to incorporate more magnesium into one’s daily routine.

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Key notes about this episode

Today’s guest, Natalie Jurado, had a “healthy” lifestyle but still experienced fatigue, pain, anxiety, and stress for many years. Despite spending a lot of money on doctors and dealing with medication side effects, she discovered a natural way to heal herself using skin creams enriched with magnesium. As a result, she has been able to regain control of her life.

In part two of our interview, Natalie and I will discuss our top tips for you on:

  • The different forms of magnesium, its uses, and why they are crucial for good health
  • How to increase your daily intake
  • Why so many individuals are deficient in this vital mineral
  • Indications and symptoms of a deficiency
  • General tips

Natalie has created a range of creams loaded with magnesium, which you can buy on her website.You can also find out more free information on magnesium and all of its advantages there and take the quiz on her website to see if you are deficient.

If you enjoyed this episode and haven’t had the opportunity to listen to the initial installment of this episode series then make sure you don’t miss out. Watch episode 196 with Natalie Jurado now.

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