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How To Treat Mould in the Home: Products & Advice

Episode 205: Clean Mould From Your Home with Daniel Massaioli from San-Air

In this episode, we talk about ways on how to treat mould in the home. Our guest, Daniel Massaioli, the founder of San-Air, shares his expertise on handling floods and water damage and discusses the effectiveness of San-Air treatments in eliminating mold. We also explore how these products work and offer recommendations for different situations, as well as discuss mold testing.

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Episode Description of How To Treat Mould in the Home

In episode 205, we will delve into a comprehensive exploration of various top-notch products that can be employed to effectively tackle the issue of mold infestation within the confines of your very own abode. So, join us for this captivating conversation as we embark on a comprehensive exploration of flood management, water damage recovery, and the groundbreaking San-Air treatments that have revolutionized the mold eradication industry.

With Daniel Massaioli as our guide, we gain valuable insights in safeguarding our homes and well-being. Throughout our conversation, we will delve into the inner workings of these innovative products, uncovering the science behind their remarkable effectiveness. Furthermore, Daniel will graciously guide us through the selection process, offering his invaluable recommendations on which San-Air treatments are most suitable for various circumstances. Additionally, we will touch upon the critical topic of mold testing.

We are privileged to have Daniel Massaioli, the brilliant mind behind San-Air, as our esteemed guest on the show today. He comes with a great amount of knowledge and expertise. Not only will he enlighten us on effective strategies for managing these unfortunate events, but he will also introduce us to the game-changing San-Air treatments that surpass traditional bleach in eradicating 99.9% of mold from its very core.

Mould is a common problem that occurs frequently in both residential and commercial environments. Merely vacating a house that is infested with mould does not eradicate the issue entirely, as the mould spores have the potential to disperse themselves not only through furniture but also within the human body.

How We Can Help

We are very proud to work alongside San Air. If you are concerned that you might have a toxic mould situation happening in your home and you suspect it might be affecting your health get a free root cause analysis today for free info and advice. In the root cause analysis, we ask a range of questions where we will be able to work out if mould is the root cause or if it might be caused by something else. If we find that mould is the culprit we can help provide advice on how to thoroughly remove mould from your home and body so you can get back to your normal life!

Did you enjoy this podcast episode ‘how to treat mould in the home’? Let us know in the comments below what you thought about it and share this episode with anyone who might benefit! For more information on toxic mould check out our other blogs on the subject!

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