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EFT Tapping Techniques

Episode 128:A Pathway To Insight with Ann Hince

In this episode, we are joined by Ann Hince, a professional speaker, author, and spiritual teacher, who discusses the concept of healing through acknowledging and experiencing one’s emotions, as well as utilizing EFT tapping techniques.

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Today, we have the privilege of delving deeper into Ann’s incredible journey, as she graciously shares her insights, experiences, and the profound impact that EFT has had on her life. So, sit back, relax, and allow Ann’s words to resonate deeply within you as we embark on this enlightening conversation.

Through the practice of EFT, Ann discovered a powerful tool that enabled her to effectively manage and alleviate her stress levels. By utilizing specific tapping points on her body while simultaneously focusing on her emotional distress, Ann experienced a profound sense of relief and release. This unique method allowed her to confront and process the deep-rooted pain and trauma that she had long suppressed.

Ann’s journey towards personal growth and healing began at the tender age of 19 when she encountered a profoundly traumatic event. However, rather than granting herself the necessary space and time to recover from this distressing experience, Ann chose to soldier on and continue with the demands of everyday life.

With her captivating presence and profound wisdom, Ann has since touched countless lives through her speaking engagements, written works, and spiritual teachings. Her heartfelt stories of resilience and vulnerability serve as a beacon of hope for those who are seeking solace and healing in the face of adversity.

As time went on, the accumulated stress and emotional burden became increasingly overwhelming for Ann. Recognizing the urgent need to address her mental well-being, she sought solace and guidance from her trusted physician. It was during this pivotal moment that Ann’s life took a transformative turn, as her physician introduced her to a groundbreaking technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), more commonly referred to as tapping. Inspired by the positive impact that EFT had on her own life, Ann made it her mission to share this transformative technique with others.

Armed with her newfound knowledge and a burning desire to empower individuals on their personal healing journeys, Ann embarked on a path of becoming a professional speaker, author, and spiritual teacher. Ann’s book provides a comprehensive guide on how to shift your focus and become more attuned to your body. It begins with EFT tapping techniques, wherein you tap on specific points on your body while bringing up various emotional memories. By doing so, you effectively release any emotional burdens associated with these memories. This initial step paves the way for the subsequent stages, where you delve deeper into holding and maintaining awareness within your physical self.

If you’re interested in giving EFT a go, check out Ann’s YouTube channel and try it out firsthand. Or you can buy her book A Pathway to Insight: Re-capture your childhood. You can also contact Ann on Facebook or on her website.

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