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Lymphatic Mojo with Dr. Perry Nickelston

Episode 35: Lymphatic Mojo with Dr. Perry Nickelston, Part 1

In this episode of A Magical Life: health, wealth, and weight loss, Dr. Perry Nickelston joins us to talk about lymphatic mojo, the lymphatic system, and why it is crucial for everyone to take good care of their lymphatic system in order to help prevent many health issues as well as providing general health tips.

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Dr. Perry Nickelston is a chiropractor who specializes in performance enhancement, corrective exercise, and metabolic fitness nutrition. He has received training from The American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. He was also one of Magic Barclay’s (our lead practitioner) mentors.

The big question for Dr. Perry Nickelston today is why the lymphatic system is so often disregarded?

In this first segment of the conversation, Magic and Dr. Perry Nickelston talk about the value of understanding the principles of health, how the mind affects health, and how the best solutions are sometimes the simplest.

They will also discuss the mystery around the toothbrush and how it can assist to maintain the filtration system in your body.

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