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Health and Wealth Out Of Disaster

Episode 9:Building Health and Wealth Out Of Disaster with Cammy Wang

Cammy Wang will be speaking with us today about “Building Health and Wealth Out Of Disaster.”

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We have Cammy Wang with us today. The academic and professional background of Cammy, a lifetime educator, is extremely varied. Her bachelor’s degree is in communication studies. She holds both a doctorate degree and a master’s degree in education. Cammy has had the chance to work in a variety of industries, including education, law, financial services, business, government, entertainment, and hospitality because of her broad range of job interests. She has found great fulfilment in her duties as a teacher and educational career counsellor because she helps people find their paths to success.

For the past five years, Cammy has worked as a financial strategist and marketing director for the World Financial Group, helping families and small businesses establish sound financial foundations. In schools, libraries, churches, community centres, and non-profit organisations since 2016, she has developed and presented a number of financial literacy and college admission seminars.

How can we improve our emotional, spiritual, and physical health?
“What matters is how we see ourselves, how we feel about ourselves, and how we want to live out the remainder of our lives. The most important factor, in my opinion, is one’s health.” Cammy was forced to change careers since the stress of being a lawyer had made her quite ill.

What are your top three suggestions for generating wealth, whether it be financial, emotional, or personal?

  1. That is my first piece of advice, no matter what. If I can keep building up my emotional intelligence, developing a more positive outlook, and maintaining the belief and conviction that each day gives me the opportunity to start over and be able to paint a new picture on the life canvas, then that is what I will do.
  2. Self-affirmations, gratitude exercises, and doing them daily, first thing in the morning and right before bed, alter the chemistry of the brain to cause the release of more endorphins.
  3. Never stop learning, so read a lot of books! Assemble a group of people who are more successful than you. Get out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with better people if you want to progress. This applies to people who are doing better financially, spiritually, mentally, socially, or in any other way. They can serve as your role models. Use them as your examples. Let them serve as the benchmark you want to establish for yourself. Find outstanding instructors and mentors.

That was the ninth episode of A Magical Life Building Health and Wealth Out Of Disaster. The charming Sophie Woodcock, a close friend of our crew, will be featured in the upcoming Episode 10. Episode 10 has a name of its own. “It’s only cancer,” You’ll hear our opinions on the big C.

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