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The Connection To Self And Others

Episode 7: The Connection to Self and Others with Genaaleen Sanchez

In this episode of A Magical Life: health Wealth and Weightloss, we learn all about the connection to self and others from Genaaleen Sanchez.

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Genaaleen Sanchez, a Results Mindset and Well-Being Coach and an agent of change in both business and life, is here with me today.

In her mid-20s, Genaaleen became to become a single mother. Despite this uncertainty, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She has made it her purpose to enable others to live their dreams, connect with their humanity, and lead from their hearts.

In her role as a coach, Genaaleen works with impact-driven individuals and leaders to improve their perspective and reconnect with their true self.

I have three questions that I ask every visitor.

What can your field of expertise do to promote physical, emotional, or spiritual health?

As a transformational coach, I work with people to connect them with their ultimate potential and achieve any result that they want in their lives. One of the first steps of that process is really to connect them to themselves, because that’s where it all starts. If you know who you are, you know what you want. You know what you need, then that’s the beginnings of a person who is able to establish relationships and connections to others.

What are your top three suggestions for accumulating wealth?

  1. Discover your true desires for life and empower yourself to achieve them by getting to know yourself. Consider whether your principles and beliefs are really benefitting you. Maintain sound boundaries by showing others how to treat you with respect.
  2. Learn about yourself and acquire abilities that will help you sustain your way of life.
  3. Spend money on yourself. Because you are the only person in your entire life who will always be there, do something that makes you genuinely happy.

What advice can you give the listeners to lessen their stress over weight issues?

What triggered me to change my thinking around the weight is really the dissolution of the self judgment and the loving and accepting my body fully as it is. I’m just more mindful of the food that I put in my body and consciously choose what I eat. So that means I still eat chocolate, and I still eat cake from time to time. Because that was another important thing about it, is not to feel limited, because I’ve been on all diets before.

A free vision and values discovery session is being offered by Genaaleen to help you identify your values and get clear on your own vision for the future.

The podcast for today comes to an end now. The Connection To Self And Others is something we hope you enjoyed.

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