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Movement and Fascia Health

Episode 14: Movement and Fascia Health with Aline McCarthy

Aline McCarthy speaks with us about movement and fascia health.

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Aline McCarthy had battled scoliosis, persistent pain, and rheumatoid arthritis, and when contemporary treatment was no longer effective, she was forced to turn to a painkiller regimen. She discovered that her inflammation might be treated by changing her diet in order to restore her microbiome and gut health. She trained as a Gyrotonic method instructor to broaden the range of fascia health treatments she could offer her patients, and she now offers advice on how to manage fascial inflammation.

Here are Aline’s top three recommendations for achieving financial, emotional, and personal wealth:

  1. Push yourself past your comfort zone. If you keep playing tiny, you won’t get any bigger.
  2. Do something. Don’t confine your thoughts and aspirations to your mind alone.
  3. Be fearless. Never stop moving; just keep going.

Overall health is negatively impacted by stress. Your gut lining, cartilage, connective tissues, and other body tissues are all damaged by having too much cortisol in your bloodstream. It also interferes with other hormones in your body and damages your microbiology. A variety of health issues cascade as a result. In integrated nutritional coaching, we place the most important non-food, foods first: relationships, sleep, and emotional wellness.

Daily meditation has made a major difference in Aline’s ability to manage her stress. Many of the tensions associated with parenthood and insufficient sleep have been relieved after learning that a 20-minute meditation can effectively replace three hours of missed sleep.

Connect with Aline for lots of advice on how to reduce inflammation, heal your gut, and move more joyfully, as well as some lymphatic advice and home fascia release techniques.

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