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Unhealthy Health Trends: The Hidden Risks Of Popular Wellness Practices

Unhealthy Health Trends: The Hidden Risks of Popular Wellness Practices

In the pursuit of health and well-being, many people are falling victims to Unhealthy Health Trends, particularly in the year 2023. While striving for optimal health is praiseworthy, certain widely accepted wellness practices found on platforms like TikTok may not be suitable for everyone and can potentially result in more harm than good.  It is crucial to understand one’s unique body needs, immune type, and life stage before embarking on any new health regimen. In this article, we will discuss three popular health trends and problems that may have unintended negative health effects.

1. Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss: An Unhealthy Health Trend?

The mantra of “eat less, move more” has been a cornerstone of weight loss advice. However, depending on one’s immune type, certain diets and exercise styles can either be beneficial or detrimental.

The Downside:

  • Mismatched Exercise Styles:  Some immune types may react adversely to specific exercise styles, potentially leading to inflammation and stress.
  • Unsuitable Diets:  Not every diet suits every individual. For instance, a high-protein diet may not be ideal for those with certain health conditions.

The Solution:

Understanding your immune type and tailoring your diet and exercise regimen can help in achieving sustainable weight loss without compromising your health.

2. Unfit Supplements: A Risky Health Trend

The supplement industry is booming with products claiming to boost health and vitality, but taking unsuitable supplements for your health situation can be one of the Unhealthy Health Trends. Taking supplements that aren’t right for your body, such as LPC when you have high LPS levels or candida, can actually be harmful and create more havoc in your health situation. Ideally, supplements should not be taken for more than 30 days either, unless advised by a healthcare provider.

The Downside:

  • Adverse Reactions: Supplements can interact with the body’s natural processes, leading to imbalances and adverse reactions.
  • Worsening Conditions: Consuming unsuitable supplements can actually worsen existing health conditions.

The Solution:

By conducting a Root Cause Analysis, we have the ability to thoroughly examine your individual circumstances and subsequently offer customized guidance that aligns with your immune type and overall health condition. This ensures that we can effectively assist you in preventing any negative reactions and enhancing your overall health and well-being to its highest potential.

3. Superfoods: A Misleading Health Trend?

Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods considered beneficial for everyone’s health and well-being. However, some immune types may react negatively to certain superfoods. For example, green tea can be detrimental for anyone with a TH2-type immune system, so that is why we have included them as part of the Unhealthy Health Trends.

The Downside:

  • Immune Reactions: Consumption of unsuitable superfoods can trigger adverse immune reactions.
  • Aggravated Health Issues: The wrong superfoods can worsen existing health conditions.

The Solution:

Identifying one’s immune type and choosing superfoods that align with individual health needs can prevent adverse reactions and promote overall well-being.

4. Low-Calorie Diets: Unhealthy Health Trends in Adrenopause

Low-calorie diets are often adopted for weight loss, especially by individuals in adrenopause (menopause and andropause). However, this can be an Unhealthy Health Trend, stressing the adrenals and impacting overall health, as restricting calories and engaging in cardio exercises can signal the body that it is in danger, pushing the adrenals into overdrive.

The Downside:

  • Hormonal Imbalance: Low-calorie diets can make hormone production and conversion harder.
  • Adrenal Stress: Restricting calories and excessive cardio can stress the adrenals.

The Solution:

Incorporating healthy fats and opting for resistance-only training can be more beneficial for individuals in adrenopause.


Unhealthy Health Trends can be deceptive, promising wellness but actually delivering harm. By understanding one’s immune type and making informed health decisions, individuals can optimize their well-being and avoid the unseen risks associated with popular health trends.

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