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Shedding those extra pounds can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it’s achievable. Discover effective weight loss strategies and tips in our podcast ‘A Magical Life: Health, wealth, and weight loss.

Eating Disorders And Body Dysmorphia

Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia

Episode 12: Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder Magic Barclay discusses eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Listen on SpotifyListen on Apple Podcasts We discuss eating problems in more detail today thanks to a listener query. Changes in…

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Family As A Value

Family as a Value

Episode 03: Family As A Value with Karen Kamenwa Karen Kamenwa joins us as a guest speaker on this episode to talk about family as a value and how you can prioritize your family and still run…

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