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Family as a Value

Episode 03: Family As A Value with Karen Kamenwa

Karen Kamenwa joins us as a guest speaker on this episode to talk about family as a value and how you can prioritize your family and still run your own business from home as well.

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As an entrepreneur, certified online business manager, business coach, and best-selling author of “Stay At Home Moms Making Money: The Seven Steps to Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business,” Karen Kamenwa is the guest on the podcast today. While raising her two sons, Karen has spent the last ten years perfecting the art of operating a successful virtual assistant business. She is regarded as a specialist in the virtual assistant sector thanks to her years of experience working with different and dynamic small business owners and online firms and her continuous education and training.

Mom guilt is a normal feeling for parents who have to leave their children at daycare every day to work a 9 to 5 job, but Karen researched her options and decided to become a virtual assistant. Since then, she has grown her company and hired numerous mothers so that they may become financially independent while simultaneously being present for their children at home.

Karen’s top three suggestions for building wealth, whether it be material, emotional, or personal

1. Follow your passion
2. Establish goals and a clear vision.
3. Be hardworking and persistent in pursuing your goals.

Being a virtual assistant can ease the financial burden that many of us experience, and by lowering stress levels and taking care of yourself, managing your weight will be easier. Many business owners have a list of duties they don’t want to do or don’t have time to complete. Karen can help you launch a home-based business utilising your existing skills, allowing other business owners to concentrate their efforts on the things they want to perform.


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Kenna Dean will be joining us in Episode Four, which will soon air. She is an incredible businesswoman, mother, and actress who owns KDean Consulting. She will be sharing her knowledge on wealth, health, and weight loss with us.

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