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Toxic Relationship Cycles

Episode 48:Transcending Toxic Relationship Cycles with Elise Peck

Elise Peck joins us once more to discuss toxic relationship cycles. If you find yourself in the same dysfunctional toxic relationships, whether romantic, family, or friends, you must listen to this episode! She also has a great freebie for our listeners too!

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About this Episode

Elise Peck, with whom we chatted in Episodes 28 and 47, joins us once more. Elise assists ladies in living an orgasmic existence. She teaches them how to harness their sexual energy as a source of strength and energy in their lives, eventually becoming the embodiment of magnetic divine feminine energy and power.

We’re continuing the talk about relationships that we started in episode 47. If you appear to attract the same toxic relationships cycles, there is something in you that attracts those people. Something inside you is beckoning to the familiarity of the kind of relationships you’ve experienced on an energy or subconscious level. Healthy love will initially seem weird or boring, rather than the struggle you are used to. Make yourself a priority enough to recognise that you deserve relaxing, effortless loving!

Toxic relationships can also exist within. The way a person relates to others reflects how they connect to themselves. Self-abandonment can occur when a person becomes addicted to a sensation obtained from another person. The idea is to locate the sensations you want and source them from inside rather than relying on someone else’s trigger.

Don’t give your power away by delegating your emotions to others.

When two people want to grow inside themselves, they want to unconditionally love, they are trustworthy, they feel secure in each other’s presence, they trust, and it comes from a position of personal responsibility for their own well-being as well as caring for the space between them. Create good relationships to function as a buffer against unpleasant events, and actively seek to mend ruptures.

Instead of chasing the roller coaster, lean into the unexpected, go into the peaceful, dull, solid sensation to repair your internal relationship traumas.

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