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Types Of Immune Response And Their Impact On Health

Types of Immune Response and Their Impact on Health

Understanding the types of immune response and their impact on health is crucial for our overall health and well-being. Health challenges often arise when our immune system dysfunctions and remains fixed in one specific mode for too long causing damage to the body. So in this blog, we’ll unpack the science-backed advantages of immune system identification, uncover the different immune types, address what happens when your immune type gets stuck in one mode, and what you can do to reset your immune responses to get your health back on track. By understanding this, we can achieve better health, help prevent or manage chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, and even improve weight loss efforts.

Why Immune System Identification Matters

Have you ever had allergies/intolerances to food later on in life, that previously you’ve always been fine with?

Or have you ever wondered why you can be on the same diet as someone else, but it doesn’t seem to have the same results or effects on you?

Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition and diet advice online?

If so you are not alone! It appears that for every expert who says a specific food is healthy for you, there is another who says the exact opposite. But eating healthy does not have to and shouldn’t be this complicated.

How Every Food Affects Individuals Differently

The truth is that every food affects each person differently and it really all depends on what immune type you are in. What is healthy for one person could be detrimental to another. That’s where immune system identification comes in to make life easier.

The Role of Immune Types in Personal Health

Your body changes into various immune types for different situations in life, and depending on which immune type you are, certain foods and workouts can actually cause more harm than good and work against you.

The Impact of Immune Types on Diet and Exercise Choices

The types of food that you put in your body can either nourish you and heal you like medicine, giving you strength and healing, or they can weaken you and trigger toxic reactions. And guess what? The same rule applies to the exercises you do, all based on your immune type.

Immune Types

There are presently 5 types of immune systems that scientists have discovered. These immune types change depending on the situation and during different stages of your life. Some foods that are healthy for one type of immune system can be toxic for another, triggering different responses in the body. The immune types that have been identified so far (as scientists are constantly researching and discovering more and more) are the 5 below.

The 5 Types of Immune System Responses

The Innate Immune System

The innate immune system is the immune system that we are born with. As babies, we just use the innate immune system but as we get older the acquired immune system kicks in. The innate immune system is all of our barriers such as the skin, gut, brain, etc. If we come across infections or need to mount an immune response it should work within 3-5 days but after that amount of time, it then calls on the acquired immune system if needed for further help.

The Acquired Immune System

The easiest approach to understand the acquired immune system is to compare it to a gearbox in a car, as it has four parts and switches between them based on what’s going on in the body and what’s needed in the moment.

Th3 or Treg

The first part of the acquired immune system is called Th3 or Treg and it functions similarly to the neutral gear in a car. It’s the mode that the body should be in most of the time.


Th1 is catabolic, so the body switches from the above neutral gear to this part of the acquired immune system when it needs to break things down, such as when you get an infection. However, if we stay in this mode for too long, it can eventually cause uncontrollable tissue damage, so we weren’t designed to stay in this mode for too long. TH1 immune response is also a pro-inflammatory response, which kills intracellular parasites like bacteria and viruses and perpetuates autoimmune responses. Both Th1 and Th2 fight against infectious diseases by producing cytokines and work together like a see-saw to be effective.


Th2 is anabolic, which means that it is a building and nurturing phase that causes everything to flourish, including you. When you’re pregnant, your body turns into this state so you can carry the fetus and so that your body/ immune system doesn’t think it’s an infection. Parasites like to drive in this mode because they can’t be killed off so easily by the body. Th2 can fight off certain parasites but only certain types. In order for the proper execution of all types of parasites, it has to work together in tandem with Th1 to be fully effective. Thus, if your body becomes trapped in this phase, it might allow some parasites to survive and make it difficult to get rid of them. Vaccinations also target Th2 because otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to work in the body. Microbial imbalances also trigger this immune type.


Th17 is a broken barrier system that, like Th1, is catabolic, meaning it breaks things down. But, unlike Th1, it is often activated only when the innate immune system has broken barriers, such as a leaky gut, a leaky brain, or damaged skin barriers.

The Dangers of Stuck Immune Types and Autoimmune Diseases

We are supposed to jump in and out between all of these immune types depending on each individual situation, and stage of life. We go into each mode when we truly need it but mainly sit in neutral (Th3 or Treg). However, when the body gets stuck in Th1, Th2, or TH17 that’s when some serious damage can be caused and health problems can occur such as autoimmune diseases.

Discover the Power of Immune System Identification!

Start your personalized health journey with our signature service. We determine your unique immune type and equip you with tailored recommendations on foods, workouts, and even supplements. Unlock the path to health and ultimate well-being.


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🚫 Avoidance List: Steer clear of foods that might not sit well with your immune response.

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💪 Personalized Workout Plan: Uncover exercises that’ll boost your health based on your immune type.

🛑 Exercise Caution List: Know which workouts might not be your best fit.

Determining Your Current Immune Response Type

At Wholistic Natural Health, we delve into your health history by asking about your current health conditions, including allergies, aches, pains, skin concerns, and any existing intolerances. With this comprehensive understanding, we can identify your immune profile and craft a personalized plan tailored to your needs.

Is Your Immune System Stuck? Understanding Immune Dysfunction & Its Role in Autoimmune & Chronic Illness

If you have an autoimmune disease, a chronic illness, swelling, constant muscle tears, thyroid issues, eczema, psoriasis, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, or cortisol issues, your immune response has most likely been stuck in Th1, Th2, or Th17 for far too long, causing numerous unpleasant side effects and causing damage in the body. If you are presently experiencing any of these health issues and would like to learn more, we recommend scheduling a free root cause analysis on our website. We can investigate more thoroughly and provide you with free information and advice, as well as get the root cause of what started everything and can provide you suggestions on managing your situation better.

Strategies to Reset Your Immune Responses

Understanding the types of immune response and their impact on health helps us to understand what’s going on in our health but how do we reset the immune responses if they are dysfunctioning?

Well, our liver detoxing program really helps with this because the liver and toxins are frequently a key influence in these types of situations, as the body can see poisons and infections.

For extreme cases, depending on how long the situation has persisted, our Wholistic Approach Health Reset is a more intensive approach that is great for completely resetting your health and includes immune system identification in the package along with many other services, therapies, supplements coaching, and more. But, because no two situations are the same and not everyone qualifies for our health programs, we recommend requesting your free root cause analysis health assessment first.

Ready to Transform Your Health?

👉👉Book Your Immune System Identification Now!

If you would like to book the immune system identification service, you can do so on our bookings page under all other individualized services available.

Want even more help to improve your overall health?

👉👉 Request my free root cause analysis

In this guide on Types of Immune Response and Their Impact on Health, we’ve delved deep into the importance of immune system identification. Did you appreciate finding out about this topic? If so, let us know in the comments or share this with a loved one if you believe they might benefit from it!

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