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When Life Gets In The Way

Episode 01: When Life Gets In The Way

Magic Barclay introduces our pilot episode of the podcast ‘A Magical Life: health,wealth and weight loss.

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Welcome to A Magical Life: health, wealth, and weight loss. Your host, Magic Barclay, here. In this episode I will  give a brief overview of our podcast, its purpose, and my personal background.

Some information about myself:

  • I was 144 kilogrammes of severe obesity 15 years ago.
  • I am the mother of two autistic children who I was raising essentially by myself. With numerous chronic health issues, I was getting sicker.
  • Ten years ago, I learned how much the body truly desires to recover. I was in a very traumatic marriage. In fact, I cut my body weight in half and began learning everything I could about conventional health, fitness, and personal development.
  • I was informed my approach wasn’t working five years ago. Although I was in really bad health, I was drastically losing weight. They actually told me that I only had a year to live.
  • I had Lyme disease, stage three cancer, diabetes, Cushing syndrome, and I had undergone surgery, which caused me to develop lymphoedema. At that point, I was literally advised to get my children ready for life without a parent and was dragged into an extremely unpleasant divorce.
  • What I took away from it all, and what I’m going to share with you, is that I’ve devoted my life to learning everything I could about the 11 systems of the body and how to support others in taking charge of their health rather than just treating symptoms.
  • I am a lymphoedema specialist, a practitioner of Functional Health Solutions, a practitioner of complementary medicine, an integrative pathologist, and a results coach, not a medical professional.
  • We’re discussing mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • Money is an element of it. What you perceive of yourself as wealthy is wealth. It reflects how you value yourself.
  • As a system, your body will begin to whisper if something is out of balance. Occasionally, this will manifest as itchy skin, a cough, or a change in weight, but if the underlying reason is not addressed, the body will start to scream to attract your attention.

The motto of the story

Pay attention to your gut. Be aware of your body. You will ultimately hear the screams if you don’t pay attention to the whispers. I’m here to assist you in identifying the whispers. I wish you a magical life up until then!

That was episode 01:When Life Gets In The Way, in Episode 2, Sarah Decker is featured. This lady will teach you some incredible stuff! Please rate this podcast, leave a review, and subscribe to hear the next episodes.

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