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Listening To Yourself

Episode 02: Listening To Yourself with Sarah Decker

Sarah Decker from Subito Media joins us as our first guest speaker. She is a podcast genius.

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Sarah Decker, a podcast manager, teacher, wife, and mother, is here with me today. She has a Master’s in Music Composition for the Screen and several other music degrees, and she employs these qualifications to edit, create, and run podcasts like mine.

Put it out there, and it will happen is a motto I live by. In my case, Sarah appeared with a solution after I said in a Facebook group that I had been wishing to start a podcast. She made it known that she intended to use her abilities in music and audio to support herself, and she met a coach who assisted her in finding podcast management.

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All right now. You can hear another fantastic guest, Karen, in Episode Three if you keep listening. And in Episode Three, Karen will instruct us on what it means to be a female entrepreneur.

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