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Best Essential Oils for Cleaning, Pest Control, First Aid Kits & Pet Care

Episode 59: Essential Oils for Household Use with Inga Truscott

Get ready to grab your notebook because this episode is jam-packed with an abundance of valuable information on utilizing essential oils in various areas of your home! In this week’s episode, we will delve into using essential oils in regard to pest control, cleaning, first aid kits, and even pet care. So make sure to stay tuned and keep your notebook handy, as you won’t want to miss out on these invaluable tips and tricks!

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Inga’s top ten recommended DoTerra oils for use in the household are:

  1. Oregano
  2. Tea Tree
  3. Lemon
  4. Frankincense
  5. OnGuard
  6. Lavender
  7. Peppermint
  8. DigestZen
  9. Easy Air
  10. Ice Blue

It’s vital to note and keep in mind that you should only use quality essential oils. Our recommendation is to always buy oils from reputable, well-known brands like Doterra or Young Living since inexpensive oils from the bargain bin are synthetic, risky, and might have a negative effect on your health.

We highly recommend joining Doterra if you often use essential oils and practise aromatherapy. In our opinion they are the greatest oils available, and in addition to receiving frequent freebies and the opportunity to accrue points for more freebies, you also get a 25% discount on all goods when you sign up.

If you are interested in purchasing DoTerra oils from Magic, you can access their website below. Additionally, you can find a variety of recipes using these oils by visiting the “Healthy Living” section on the website.

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