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From Burnout To Bright

Episode 181: From Burnout To Bright with Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua

In this episode, we talk about what burnout looks like and what actions you can do to let it go and rediscover your brilliance. Burnout is a frequent issue that can result from excessive labour, stress, or an unbalanced existence. There are various methods to recover from burnout, and it’s crucial to look after yourself if you want to keep producing and being creative.

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Self-care expert Anngelica Marie is the host of the podcast The Tea Corner. She has been featured in the media including Shonda Land and uses her transformative self care success paradigm and membership network to support burnout women in rebuilding a joyous existence. Anngelica Marie had a depressed episode three months after starting her health and wellness business Omekwa. This episode was brought on by the identification of a benign breast tumour when Anngelica Marie was 22 years old. She beat herself up and eventually developed bipolar  because she had attached her identity and sense of self-worth to the success of her business and its performance. She wants to alter people’s self-care and help them lead healthy, joyful lives by using her framework.

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