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The Relationship With Self

Episode 15: The Relationship with Self

In this episode, Magic Barclay discusses the relationship with self and why it is so important.

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Being of service to others was always expected of me as a mother, wife, and daughter. I had no respect for myself and no relationship with myself. When the flight attendants instructed us to put on our own masks before aiding anybody else, it truly hit home for me as I was travelling with my small children. It initially infuriated me. Obviously, my kids would get the masks first!

Before I understood that I couldn’t help anyone else if I didn’t have any oxygen of my own. An empty cup cannot be used to pour. Because of this, self care is crucial. It involves doing what you can to maintain your health so that you can look after others. Who will love you if you don’t love yourself, to paraphrase RuPaul?

Dealing with repressed emotions like anger, irritation, and stress is a crucial aspect of self-care. Your liver becomes overworked from suppressing these feelings, which makes you ill. Suppressed emotions can also have a direct impact on one’s weight gain or decrease. My potential heart attack was undoubtedly influenced by my repressed stress and anger.

The key is to fully accept and have a relationship with yourself if you want to achieve real prosperity in your life. You must know who you are, what you stand for, and honestly accept who you are.

A relationship with yourself is a foundation for any other relationship. For this episode, you have the following homework:

  1. List every value you have. What is something that is very important to you? What is not up for discussion? Why are you who you are?
  2. List your beliefs on a page.
  3. Afterward, write a list of the steps you will do to address the issue on your own.

Genaaleen Sanchez will return in Episode 16 to discuss energy and all of its facets, and my friend Summer will appear in Episode 17 to speak with you about relationships and your value.

How do you feel about this episode, “The Relationship With Self”? Tell us in the comments section below.

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