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Effects Of Stress On The Body

Ordinary to Badass Podcast Interview: Why Magic Barclay is so Badass

In this episode of Ordinary to Baddass, Marie Sonneman speaks with Magic Barclay, our lead practitioner, on the effects of stress on the body and how to better manage stress for optimum health. Additionally, Magic goes into detail about her own health journey while battling stage 4 cancer and the significance of identifying the underlying cause of your health problems. She also discusses how important it is to be your own health advocate and how sometimes medications might interact with one another.

Discussion Topics and Key Takeaways:

  • Magic Barclay—is she ordinary or a badass?
  • Using setbacks as teaching opportunities
  • Understanding what your adrenals are trying to tell you and why it is crucial, especially when managing stress.
  • Box breathing
  • Addressing every illness’s root cause
  • The significance of acting as your own health advocate
  • When the word “doctor” first appeared in the 1900s and what it originally meant
  • Using Dr. Google to research different medications
  • Why you should always ask your doctor “Why”
  • Research everything you put into your body since physicians cannot know everything.
  • Showers may inspire creativity
  • When Magic’s marriage broke down
  • The significance of becoming your own biggest supporter
  • Don’t keep applying Band-Aids to every issue. Gain perspective by rising above it.

The Ordinary to Baddass Podcast Overview

What if you could learn from some real Badasses and hear about their victories and setbacks, routines and techniques that have helped them reach their current position? You may learn from others’ errors instead of making them yourself, then take bold action and develop more quickly than you would on your own. On the Ordinary to Badass Podcast, that is what they aim for each and every week.

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