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Understanding The Root Cause Of Health Issues: The Link Between Heart Disease, Menopause, & More

Understanding the Root Cause of Health Issues: The Link Between Heart Disease, Menopause, & More

In this article, we’re going to unpack the root cause of health issues and shine a light on those common ailments and what’s really behind them. What is the root cause and missing link between heart disease, menopause, fluid retention, psoriasis, brain fog, and bloating?

EVERY major condition we know of can be traced back to one or all four below problems.

1. The Lymphatic System: A Key Player in the Root Cause of Health Issues

One cannot overlook the lymphatic system when discussing the root cause of health issues. Your lymphatic system is your waste removal system. The lymphatic system directly affects the other systems of the body either by supporting them or hindering them.

Think of a fish tank. If the tank got really dirty, the fish in it would get sick and die. Now, you wouldn’t scoop out the fish and put new ones into the toxic tank? Would you?

Just like the tank, your lymph can get backed up, after all – its primary job is to convey messages (toxins, threats, etc) to the excretory organs for your body to expel them.

Looking after your lymph is as easy as cleaning the fish tank- purposefully, gently, and with respect. That way, the plants inside are kept healthy and intact, and the tank ornaments are still beautiful and useful for the fish.

How we can help?

We can guide you through lymphatic drainage and see if it’s right for you. Even if you’re far away, we’ve got remote services where we can teach you how to do the techniques yourself.

2. The Immune System: How It Influences the Root Cause of Health Issues

A malfunctioning immune system can often be the root cause of health issues, especially when it reacts irregularly. Did you know that each of the four types of the immune system are different in the way they interact within the body and how they respond to infection, diet, stress, and the other systems of the body?

Depending on your immune type, some foods you may be consuming, some exercise styles (cardio, weights, etc) and even some age-related issues can be a trigger for poor immune health, or as we know it- irregular immune response.

Book a FREE root cause analysis strategy session today to find out which immune type you are in, and how to get your body naturally cycling between the four types (as it should be). To find out more about immune system identification check out our blog on the benefits.

3. Gut Health: Its Role in the Root Cause of Health Issues

Understanding the different types of leaky gut is essential when pinpointing the root cause of health issues. We have all heard of leaky gut. In fact, the most common treatment given out by some professionals is to treat leaky gut. But which type of leaky gut do you have (if any)?!

Is the leaky gut caused by a stealth infection? Is it caused by an immune response? Do you have a gut/heart issue? A gut/brain issue? A gut/immune issue? Or possibly another problem that stems from a gut problem?

The term ‘leaky gut’ could be one of two main types. Expecting one generalized treatment to solve both or either, is as beneficial as expecting not to get wet in the rain by telling the rain to stop falling.

Do you have a transcellular or a paracellular leaky gut? Is it even a leaky gut issue or is it a chronic infection or an overgrowth of a pathogen?

This is why root cause analysis is so important. So many illnesses mimic each other, so instead of guessing what the problem is and trying to do it all yourself by listening to all these health gurus out there on the internet telling you all this conflicting information, which might not even apply to your situation, you are better off finding out what exactly is going on inside you.

Book today to find out the status of your gut health.

4. Infections: Their Connection to the Root Cause of Health Issues

Infections, whether viral or bacterial, play a significant role as a root cause of health issues. What is an infection? An infection is the invasion of an organism’s body tissues by disease-causing agents,  their multiplication, and the reaction of host tissues to the infectious agents and the toxins they produce. Infections are caused by infectious agents (pathogens)

Which include:

Hosts can fight infections using their immune system by creating an innate response often involving inflammation, followed by an adaptive response. ~Wikipedia.

Which infection do you or have you had? Is it current, latent or is it a co-infection (some infections rely on each other or a multitude of factors to re-activate, while others can attack other infections).


By addressing the root cause of health issues, we can adopt a holistic approach to wellness, ensuring a balanced and healthy life.

Wholistic Natural Health: Tailored Programs for Your Needs

The team at Wholistic Natural Health are Functional Health Solutions practitioners. When you speak with a practitioner, they will identify what the root cause of the problem is for you, educate you on how to treat that cause (not the symptoms) and how to stay well into the future.

Wholistic Natural Health are integrative health detectives arresting the root cause amongst a list of suspects~ Dr Stewart Gillespie.

Your practitioner will keep your protocols simple and easy to follow and the protocols will be targeted and designed FOR YOU.
Our motto is “To treat using Wholeism (The treating of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

The theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts.)  To treat using ethical, sustainable and supportive methods”.

Your practitioner team here at Wholistic Natural Health can offer you a number of solutions to suit your circumstances. Should you need lymphatic drainage or whether you would be more suitable for our other programs in functional health, your next steps to health success are only a click away. The first step is getting your free root cause analysis assessment below for free personalized advice.

Discover Your Health’s Root Cause: Request Your Free Online Health Assessment

Request My Free Root Cause Analysis Health Assessment

We hope you enjoyed this blog What is the root cause? If so please share with friends or leave a comment below if you have any questions.


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