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Habits with Sharee Shefket

Episode 05: Habits with Sharee Shefket

In this episode, we talk about habits with Sharee Shefket. Sharee Shefket is the creator of the Wellness Coaching Company and a mindset expert.

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Today I’m joined by Sharee Shefket, the creator of the Wellness Coaching Company and a mindset expert. Sharee worked as a counsellor for 16 years before switching to the field of disabilities and finally hypnotherapy. She is a licenced HypnoFit therapist, manages a busy clinic, and will soon publish a book on self-development for kids.

Sharee helps her clients overcome mental barriers, which can have very tangible effects on the body. These mental barriers are frequently not even their own anxieties, but rather ones they picked up from someone else earlier in life. The two are related, but mental health is the other side of the same coin from emotional health.

Sharee’s top three suggestions for improved emotional health:

  1. Face your fears. Examine the boogeyman with the light on.
  2. In the same way that you would organise your computer files or browser tabs, rewire your brain.
  3. Have self-love. You deserve to be cherished. Every individual has worth and deserves to be loved.

When it comes to weight loss, Sharee frequently discovers that the causes of people’s weight retention are more complex than simply overeating. The self-sabotage that results in weight gain frequently has some serious emotional wounds and blockages.

You should prioritise yourself and learn to appreciate yourself. It’s your time to shine, and in order to construct your magical existence, you must first take care of your spiritual, mental, and physical health.

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Sharee Shefket from the wellness coaching company was the guest on this week’s edition of “Sharee Shefket Talks Habits.” I’ll be discussing rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation in Episode 6 of the series. We’ll be exploring inflammation in all its forms, including how to prevent it, manage it, and actually understand what it is.

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