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Menopause or Adrenopause?

Menopause or Adrenopause? – Jill McGregor and Magic Barclay on Lady Time.

Are you going through Menopause or adrenopause? Expect to receive some excellent Menopause guidance and information and also some advice on detoxification, as well as suggestions on foods and beverages that can help lessen the effects in this interview on Lady Time Podcast.

Magic Barclay our lead practitioner’s journey to excellent health was long and winding, so throughout her talk on Lady Time Podcast with Jill McGregor, she rewinded to her 20s, when life was a little more wilder. She had two children, transformed from anorexic to morbidly obese over the period of about ten years, suffered from diabetes, lyme disease, fourth-stage cancer, and went through a divorce.

She once completely recovered her health through diet and exercise, even starting her own gym, but she fell ill once more. She became highly interested in the causes of illness as a result of this. And just as her health had substantially improved, menopause struck!

This discussion really needed to begin at the beginning so we could fully appreciate Magic’s extraordinary knowledge of the human body, its systems, the immune system, how mould toxicity plays a significant role in ill health, and her original perspective on what she refers to as the “adrenopause,” which affects both men and women. When it comes to disease and illness, one could only describe Magic as a true detective; underlying causes would find it difficult to evade her keen eye!

In the conversation, Magic talks more on health as well as her personal encounters with medical negligence and gaslighting.

She discusses cancer, chronic fatigue, mould toxicity, stenosis, and hypoxia in greater detail, as well as the significance of listening to your body.

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