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What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine with Magic Barclay

Tune in to Magic Barclay’s interview on the Living Well with MS podcast where she talks about the purpose of functional medicine.

Essential insights from the episode

The goal of functional medicine

In functional medicine, the body’s systems are examined. It examines what each system does and how it interacts with the others. “No system functions alone,” we frequently say. We focus especially on the root cause because if you don’t, new problems keep coming up.

A key component of healing is self-belief

People won’t recover if they don’t believe in themselves. Many people are simply handed label after label and diagnosis after diagnosis, and they begin to think that’s who they are. Because you are a person and not just the label that your doctor gave you, Magic thinks that this is a truly terrible way to live. You are still a living being. Finding out who that person is is what functional medicine practitioners do. And who do they wish to be?

By accepting that the stressor isn’t always going to be there, it helps to reduce its impact

Avoid being around people that make you more stressed out, or only stay with them for a short period of time (five or ten minutes). Set a time limit for yourself of 10 minutes, telling yourself, “I’m out of this circumstance and I’ll be okay.” If you find yourself under stress from work, a doctor’s visit, or driving, remove yourself from the circumstance, seek an alternative, or set a time limit for yourself so that you know that it won’t last forever. And don’t sit there saying, “I’m so stressed,” because guess what happens when your body hears that? It answers, “Really? You want to be stressed, even though this degree of stress is low? I’ll raise the level.”

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