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PNEI: The Science of Mind-Body Health

Episode 74: The PNEI of Trauma

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What is PNEI?

The psycho-neuro-endo-immunology of trauma is the medical term for this. PNEI is a science that investigates the connections between the main bodily regulatory systems:

  • Neural
  • Endocrine
  • Immunological processes
  • Psychological

Each of these biological systems responds to trauma, stress, negative emotions, or even the memory of trauma by stopping any processes that aren’t judged essential for survival in order to maximise safety at the lowest possible cost.

It is being widely understood that important factors in the processes of disease diagnosis and treatment, such as emotions, mental attitude, lifestyle, social support, and nutrition, can have a significant impact on our minds and bodies.

An example would be the substantial harm that stress can do to the body. Chronic stress and inflammation, especially in the lymphoglandular system, can also raise the risk of cancer and metastases.

Cancer, digestive issues, and coronary heart disease have all been linked to unresolved lifestyle stressors. In postmenopausal women, high stress levels have also been linked to an increasing risk of high cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

Additionally, it can have an impact on the ageing process, allergies, hormonal processes, and a variety of other emotional disorders like depression.

PNEI diagram chart

As you are surely aware, stress is an issue that is getting worse as we speak and seems to be a permanent part of daily life.

Because of this, PNEI is a useful technique for identifying the underlying causes of many disorders. Once you identify the underlying cause, you may take the necessary steps to stop future damage and begin fixing the issue.

One of the many techniques we employ to treat and diagnose our patients is PNEI. As a result, we not only aid in your physical recovery but also in your emotional recovery.

PNEI is just one of the many combination techniques we employ at Wholistic Natural Health, and there are many other treatment programmes with it that can significantly improve your health. To learn more about PNEI, listen to the podcast episode above, in which our lead practitioner discusses the topic in greater detail.

Get in touch with us as we provide PNEI training if you’d want to learn more about it.

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