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Discovering the Root Cause of Menopause Symptoms

Episode 61: Hot Flashes, Bingo Wings and Getting to the Root of Menopause Symptoms

Be sure to listen to the Rebellious Wellness Over 50 podcast where Magic Barclay and Gregory Anne Cox discuss the topic of menopause in great detail. In episode 61, they delve into the various menopause symptoms that women experience during this phase of life, including hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, weight gain, and the infamous “Bingo wings.”

Women may experience challenges throughout menopause, but by identifying the root causes of these symptoms, it is possible to find comfort and enhance general wellbeing. So tune in to learn more about this important topic and gain insights on how to navigate menopause with greater ease.

The Rebellious Wellness Over 50 Podcast Overview

The Rebellious Wellness Over 50 is a podcast that offers a wealth of information on how to improve the aging process. Each week, the show delves into the latest research on longevity and preventing diseases, as well as tips to promote brain, heart, and gut health.

The show aims to provide listeners with valuable insights on living a healthier, happier life beyond the age of 50. It covers a variety of topics including food, supplements, alternative medicine, exercise, and living life according to your own preferences at any age. If you found this episode interesting, you can listen to more episodes.

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If you’re seeking additional assistance to alleviate menopause symptoms, we encourage you to obtain our complimentary root cause analysis for further guidance and insights on how to minimize and handle these symptoms. Additionally, we offer a plethora of resources such as blogs, interviews, and articles that focus on menopause management, which could prove beneficial to you.

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